NYC based artist Timothy Dark has officially released his smooth as silk, tough as nails EP titled ‘Dark Day Afternoon’. A perfect blend of electronic soul, city funk, and lyrical genious, ‘Dark Day Afternoon’ breaks the mold, then pisses on it, in true creative fashion. Bravo!

'Dark Day Afternoon' cover.
‘Dark Day Afternoon’ cover.

About Timothy Dark
New York-based artist Timothy Dark has released his ‘Dark Day Afternoon’ EP, out now. This four-track offering was preceded by the release’s lead single ‘She Put a Spell on Me’.

This release follows Dark’s latest album ‘The Last Days of Dark’, which was produced by longtime collaborator Dan “The Band’ Policar (Sean Paul, Raekwon The Chef). Two of the tracks ‘Unpatriotic’ feat. Stephanie Linn and ‘The Future’ really made some waves in the face of the realities of Trump’s America.

Timothy Dark for Darkseed Entertainment co-produced this music with Robb Torres on ‘She Put a Spell on Me’ and, for all other tracks, with Charlie Nieland, well known for his work with Blondie, Debbie Harry, Scissor Sisters, Rufus Wainwright, Lusterlit, and Her Vanished Grace and Oh Halo.

Dark’s expansive artistry encompasses politically charged hip-hop, buttery R&B, grimy rock, street savvy poetry, literature, non-dogmatic spirituality, and singer-songwriter style emotional intimacy. Previously described as “Michael Jackson’s band meets Inspectah Deck of WuTang meets the energy from Queens that made the Ramona’s play fast”, Timothy Dark’s music is rich, diverse and unpredictable.

“The new ‘Dark Day Afternoon’ EP pulls ample inspiration from Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Tears for Fears, The Cars, and Elvis Presley. I spent years listening to their music, originally for sampling purposes. But I became a fan and couldn’t stop listening and learning from them all,” says Timothy Dark.

“Most people don’t know I have written pop songs for years. I just never released many of them because I loved rapping so much. But now that I have a band, it’s time to dig out the pop and alternative songs and let the world hear them. It’s time to let people know that I’m not just a rapper; I’m an all-around songwriter. This EP is the beginning of all of that.”

Born in Harlem, Timothy Dark was raised in East Elmhurst, Queens and the South Bronx before the streets were sanitized. He learned how to survive amidst the violence and corruption of hard times New York. One of his most formative moments was his mother boldly placing him onstage during a James Brown concert and the Godfather of Soul shaking his hand. It has become a symbolic gesture on many levels with the feeling like, in that handshake, James Brown transferred an electricity that courses through Timothy to this day.

The emergence of hip-hop as an art form became a way to observe and experience and street life and turn it into something special as a solo artist and as a member of rap crews. He’s opened for Nas, Black Rob, and immersed himself in New York City’s thriving Antifolk scene, collaborating with such talents as Nellie Mckay and Nicole Atkins.

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‘Dark Day Afternoon’ will be available now across digital stores and streaming platforms.

“Firmly into funk-dance territory, with an ’80s old-school sound resonant to that of The Time, Rockwell, Prince, and even Earth Wind and Fire. This is full of Purple Rain-era groove. Dark’s voice has that endearing believable storyteller quality that led 1980s youth to be immediately attracted to DJ Jazzy Jeff and The French Prince. This would be a cool addition to the Def Jam collection – a vibing positive, get-on-the-dancefloor tune”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“In full force… dives deep from start to finish. His brilliant lyricism and heavy beats brings his art form to life with a political boost behind it. Timothy Dark is bold and noteworthy without ever missing a beat”
– Modern Mystery Rock Blog

“Dark demonstrates his diversity and unwillingness to be pigeon-holed, jumping between genres and even vocal ranges. The real gem is ‘Last Days’, somewhat reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco crossed with K’naan and Snoop Dog”
– Torched Magazine

“Timothy’s album ‘The Last Days Of Dark’ is a testament to his journey.. music that epitomizes healing and the courage to confront heartache head on. Content rich, aiming squarely at the ill of today’s society”
– Above Average Hip-Hop Magazine

“Dark Day Afternoon is a beguiling collection of songs, playing with the decades, re-inventing, re-imagining and subverting as it goes. The references are great, the premise is brilliant and the conclusions are out of this world. It’s safe to say the boy done well. Good? Make that great!”
– Dancing About Architecture