Tiny Fighter has dropped their new album titled ‘Going Home’. When I first saw the video for ‘Tell Me’ last year I got that unique feeling that I was listening to a band that gets it. And, what I mean by that, is a band that has found what they are trying to achieve and have instilled that very sound into their music. Tiny Fighter is a band that is original. And that is the best way to say it.

And, with ‘Going Home’ we get an expansion of that sound into more directions than what we have been previously exposed to. Besides the obvious original and signature vocals by vocalist Therese Karlsson, there is something underlying within the music that keeps it all together. What I think that is is the comradery within the band. These musicians have taken their own individual musical styles and threw them into the melting pot and made something wonderful and signature in sound.

The ‘Going Home’ album is available across online stores like iTunes and streaming platforms such as Spotify. It can also be ordered directly from Tiny Fighter via Bandcamp.

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About Tiny Fighter

Based in Stockholm, Tiny Fighter was formed after a chance meeting between Therese Karlsson (a truck driver from Kalmar, Sweden) and Tim Spelman (a doctor from Melbourne, Australia). The two met in Stockholm in 2017 and began collaborating, offering an enticing mix of indie-rock and berserker chamber pop.

2019 saw the band’s ongoing collaboration with legendary multi-Grammy, Gold & Platinum Award producer Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson, which also resulted in the ‘Tell Me’ EP (2019) and the ‘Reworks’ remix EP.

“To me this album is a biography of everything that has happened over the past couple of years – both with the band and personally. My inner feelings, our place in broader society, and importantly all the people we’ve met along the way as we’ve started to take our music around the world,” says Therese Karlsson.

For their debut ‘Going Home’ LP, Tiny Fighter recorded for over 12 months in both Stockholm and at The Panic Room in Skövde, Sweden. The result is a compelling combination of the unabashed indie-pop of Tiny Fighter’s earlier releases with deeper, darker arrangements that showcase the full range of Karlsson and Spelman’s songwriting.

“I think you’ll hear a different, more expansive side to our song-writing on this album compared to our earlier singles which focused on poppier, straighter songs. The longer album format has really allowed us to explore darker, more challenging themes and arrangements. The pop is definitely still there! But it’s supplemented, hopefully, complemented, with a touch of darkness – an additional depth and substance. More than anything I think it captures and documents our growth as songwriters and musicians,” says Tim Spelman.

In the lead up to this album, Tiny Fighter released the singles ‘Strangest Thing’ and ‘Perfect Game’ with an intriguing video directed and filmed by Rikard Westman, with a dance performed and choreographed by Jessika Sillanpää.

Earlier, Tiny Fighter recorded several successful 2018 singles – ‘New Century’‘Want Friends’and ‘Hollow Talk’ – in Los Angeles and Stockholm with Daniel Rejmer (Foals, Ben Frost, Girls Names). Their live album ‘The Loft Sessions (Live in New York)’, released in December 2018, was recorded on their first North American tour.

Tiny Fighter has grown from an artsy studio project to a live entity selling out tours and filling larger music venues, quickly building a strong reputation for their stirring live performances and ability to tastefully mix catchy indie-pop with darker themes and arrangements.

Most recent tours led the band through Ireland, Latvia, Serbia, and Scandinavia. Tiny Fighter’s music enjoyed over 750K YouTube views and 250K Spotify streams in 2019 alone. Other notable achievement includes playing the Stockholm final of the competitive P4 Nästa 2018 song competition.

Featured image by Marcos Engman (aka Mecno).