An eclectic mix of melody, beat, and rhythm, “Kakorrhaphiophobia” is a different band for a different crowd. Mixing time signatures as seamlessly as Neil Peart would in his sleep, Venkman produce such an original mix of vibrant sounds that you can almost see coming our of your home stereo, and yes I said home stereo because this music deserves the justice of being cranked out with a power amp and 15″ speakers blaring our this sonic treat with all of the bass and “oomph” it deserves.

Each song has such a signature sound that, if it were not for lead vocalist Kate I would assume it was a different band with every song because this is alt-funk at it’s finest and it’s finest is when it’s varied and original.  It’s fitting, in an unusual way, that this band shares the name with Bill Murray’s character from “Ghostbusters” because Peter Venkman’s personality is well defined in the elegant quirkiness of the music that is “Kakorrhaphiophobia”. Excellent.

“Kakorrhaphiophobia” is set to be released on November 27th.

Featured photo by Lucy Beth.

About Venkman:
10257936_795286667150379_4406222009583801014_o (1)Venkman are Kate, James, Tom, Danny & Dave who create off-kilter funk from their hometown of Lichfield, UK, citing influences as diverse as Michael Jackson, Kate Bush, Prince and Thomas Dolby.

Having already been featured on 6 Music and BBC Radio in England and Scotland, Venkman were responsible for the most watched BBC Introducing session ever with their cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Leave Me Alone’. They were also selected to feature in the Best New Music of 2015 on their local Introducing show.

The band, who have already played with the likes of Carina Round, Outfit, Turbowolf and Coasts, next play live on 11th November with Dutch Uncles at The Hare and Hounds in Birmingham.

The release of their EP ‘Kakorrhaphiophobia’ follows the success of their debut single ‘Martial Law’ and epitomises Venkman’s quirky brand of melancholic funk with haunting male/female harmonies.

“It’s not often an ambitious rock band can mix crazy with melody and pull it off with panache and wide appeal. A prime example is Everything Everything – the ultimate headache band one minute, and inspired melodists the next. Lichfield newbie’s Venkman seem to have the secret formula that EE never quite concocted.” Give Pop a Chance

“What’s with the British and their impeccable track record of forward thinking bands? From the recent emergence of Alt-J and the XX to the older mainstays of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, it makes me wonder if something’s added to the water by Parliament to foster musical creativity. Whatever the cause Venkman, an upstart from the small town of Lichfield in the UK, has found it.”

If “a band named after the best rat on the planet named after a character played by the best man on the planet” doesn’t sound appealing to you, then we’re not sure how else to grab your attention. Venkman are a five-piece from Litchfield, who mix rocking percussion with melodic vocals to make funked up music you just have to dance to.” Counteract Magazine, Band of the Day

“A deliciously original 4 piece band from the Midlands combining melodic boy/girl Harmonies to a funky back beat with a hint of Jazz and a small dose of rock and pop. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say in order to stand out from the rest bands need to push the boundaries and experiment with sounds, textures and genres to create and produce their own individual signature sound and Venkman do this just perfectly.” David Durant, Brooklands Radio