Vidar Norheim is more than just a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist in my opinion. He is a genius. Pure and simple. I can prove that with these excerpts from his upcoming album titled ‘X Ray Eyes’, out November 8th.

Not only is each song a genre-hopping experimental adventure, but each song also stands on its own and almost contradicts the previous and next tracks musically. This is hard for most musicians to do, and I am not dissing those musicians, I’m just saying that most bands and artists have a signature sound. But with Vidar, the diversity is the signature sound, and there is much diversity on this album. Not to shy away from this album, however, because there is just enough familiarity in each track to let you know just who it is.

About Vidar Norheim

Vidar Norheim creates songs on his vibraphone mixed with synths, beats, and vocals. He is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Norway, now based in Liverpool.

‘X Ray Eyes’ shows Norheim’s songwriting taking on a new lyrical maturity, as tracks journey through childhood memories, grown-up relationships and loss of family members. Introspective themes and off-kilter images nestle amongst energized beats and synth lines, paying homage to such sonic adventurers as LCD Sound System and Sufjan Stevens. ‘X Ray Eyes’ has been made in Liverpool with producer Dave Berger of Outfit.

2016 saw the release of solo debut EP Blind Carbon Copy on labels in Japan, Norway, and the UK. He can also be seen playing with Laura J Martin and China Crisis. He plays on many sessions including Stark by Mr Chop who Kanye West sampled on Freeee in 2018.

In 2014 Vidar was named by Song: Expo as Norway’s most promising songwriter. He has toured worldwide as a founding member of Liverpool’s Alt-Pop unit Wave Machines with highlights including Glastonbury, SXSW, and BBC Electric Proms. He has also worked extensively in a duo with songwriter Lizzie Nunnery and is a frequent collaborator on her stage plays including the award-winning and internationally successful, Narvik.