WARPED is not a common band. They mix in a new way metal with rap and hardcore influences, and create an involving blend that suffocate with love-hate-tragedy sounds. Members have grown up with a passion in common: music! And the will to scream, to amaze and astonish, and to experiment. WARPED has born in 2008 by Pialla (gtr) and Pira (drm) ideas, and found its final line-up in 2009. The members come from Florence and Pisa, and set their headquarters in Pontedera.

In 2010 they have published their first EP: “Insane”.

They are now trying to find a label in order to spread their music and to conquer lots of fans, as they perfectly do in their great live shows.

Simone Campa (Voice)
Gabriele Lucarelli (Guitar)
Lorenzo Ferranti (Guitar)
Alessio Pieraccioni (Drum)
Alessandro Bertacco (Bass)