Welcome to the world of Whiskey Moon Face. It’s a beautiful world of times gone by but with its feet firmly sat in the here and now.

Louisa and Ewan lived together with a group of people at The George, a 150-year old Victorian East London pub that by night opened as a music venue. Ewan started to play with Louisa’s music after hearing it through the bedroom wall. Previous to this Louisa had spent some time traveling. It was on a trip to Ireland, that she met and was influenced by a Celtic melodeon player who she lived with for a while on Sherkin Island, off the west coast of Ireland. Later she spent time in Northern India learning the Dhrupad with the Gunducha brothers, meanwhile, Ewan met Jim Ydstie (Dakota Jim) in London and then later the three of them began busking and gigging together.

Dakota Jim had spent many years in New Orleans and America playing with Tuba Fats. He arrived in Europe on a tour twenty years ago. Ewan Bleach has also spent time in New Orleans playing with Tuba Skinny. Their time spent playing Jazz has been a strong influence on the band. Louisa writes the music and the lyrics, and most of the songs, Jim and Ewan improvise their parts, so it’s slightly different every time.

The band all live in London, traveling for gigs around Europe, Russia, and America.
The special guests in the band are all good friends of Louisa, Ewan, and Jim. A lot of them play in Ewan’s band The Cable Street Rag Band. Russian trombonist Anton Wunderlich lives in Berlin.

The band is looking at an exciting year ahead with plans to sail to a gig in the Netherlands on Louisa’s wooden sailboat called ‘Thankful’ in the coming spring and they are currently organizing a tour to New Orleans and, Colorado for later next year.

Panspermia was recorded by Nick Taylor at Porcupine Studios in Mottingham, South East London.

To describe Whiskey Moon Face as an alternative folk group doesn’t even begin to do justice to the breadth of influence, inspiration and style in their music. Based around double bass, accordion, and clarinet, they’re led by the stunning vocals and hallucinatory lyrics of singer Louisa Jones. Both ear-to-ear grinningly entertaining and profoundly moving, a superbly realized, truly beautiful, and utterly original sound. There is simply no-one in the UK making music like them.
 – New Roots

Always innovating and improvising with stark originality, Louisa Jone’s troupe of underground musicians play with a virtuosity you could never expect. Songs which speak of the unspeakable with understated humor, captivating storytelling and transcendent spirituality.
 – Woodburner

[table caption=”Tour Dates” width=”100%” colwidth=”100|100|250|200|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Day,Month,Venue,City,Country, Notes
31st,August,Ernest Bar, Ouseburn Newcastle Upon Tyne,UK,
1st,September,Lindesfarne Festival, Lindesfarne Northumberland,UK,
15th,September,Paines Plough Auditorium, Grasmere The Lake District,UK,
17th,September,,Riga, Latvia, (more details to follow)
19th+24th, September,,Saint Petersburg, Russia, (more details to follow)
25th,September,,Petrazavodsk Keralina, Russia,
27th,September,Massolit, Moscow, Russia,