Wildflower has today released their new album titled ‘The Ocean Rose’. Starting off like a welcomed hello from an old friend, ‘The Ocean Rose’ is one of those heartwarming albums filled with familiar sounding songs on that first listen and a diverse set of Americana roots rock by a band that can fill the space with talent and subtle reassurance that you are listening to something good and signature.

‘The Ocean Rose’ is a sonic canvas with each note lovingly laid down and presented through the minds of musicians and the hearts of poets.

About Wildflower

The songs of Wildflower are always about place. Written by singer and guitarist Adrian O’Barr on the coast of Maine, they often tell stories of travel, seeking to find the intersection where past meets present. They are walking songs; they are riding songs; they are “wind in your hair” songs; they are songs of endless change.

On their new album, “The Ocean Rose” Wildflower builds a miniature world of nostalgia and wonder. The two distinct halves of the record try to reconcile the revelations of traveling and making a home, interwoven with and haunted by the realities of a changing climate. Filled with West coast fever dreams, blooming summer roses, and the simple pleasures of life on the Atlantic ocean, the album details a search for an elusive paradise on earth, no matter how fleeting or small.

Made up of five close friends, Wildflower performs the songs with a simple and powerful collective warmth. Having honed their sound and deepened their friendship playing up and down the coast of Maine and across the country, every instrument and melody is given space and love. Recorded by Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets in the Summer of 2020, “The Ocean Rose” recalls the early 70’s fragility of Neil Young with its focus on openness and live performances. Kacey Johansing and Michael Nau provide beautiful backing vocals to complete the sound.

Featured image by Ty Ueda.

Wildflower is :

  • Mathew Maiello-Keyboards/sax/clarinet
  • Jason Eckerson: Bass guitar
  • Roby Moulton: Drums
  • Alex Winthrop: Electric guitar, slide
  • Adrian O’Barr: Acoustic guitars/Vocals