Xalpen is a raw Black Metal manifestation which emerges with real conviction and complete devotion by channeling ritualistic vibrations within the black arts and the spiritual development. Guided by ancestral traditions of ancient occult knowledge. Euphoria, ecstasy, trance and satanic commitment have taken from between the different hemispheres of the planet. Two Chilean demons Juan Pablo Nuñez (guitars & vocals) and Alvaro Lillo (bass & vocals) manifest and complete the endeavor (all music & lyrics) they started back in 2014.

To begin: A spiritual and conceptual mini-album called “Black Rites” was assembled and released in 2016 under the banner of Morbid Skull Recs (El Salvador-Central America) and jointly distributed through Chamber of Horns (Europe).

To continue on the dark path: A second mini album was spawned in 2017 far down at the Deep South. “Wowk Otrr”, the seven audio tracks charged opus supremely emits the refurbished form of imperishable ‘90s spirit, both sonority and aesthetic wise. Morbid Skull Records is again taking care of the release and the EP will be out on CD, Tape and 12″ MLP.

Proclaims the Band:

“With full devotion and dark convictions here is our channel and journey to the womb of absolute nothingness, here is the drink of Death and no food for the worldly ego.

Our work is a memorial to the past times and tradition of the ancestors, forgotten by many. Our art is an offering and sacrifice for the hungry gods of the underworld. Our word is true and our shadow burns eternally in the transgressive black fire of the abyss. This is also our walk across the fields of the living and our respect and honor for the realms of the dead.

To the undead magic of the Ancient Shamans and for the glory of the Dark Gods of Chaos!”

SOURCE: Official Bio

Keykrok (Guitar & Vocals)
Tarem-Keláash (Bass & Vocals)
Kamok (Guitar)
Wéyntek (Drums)

Bandcamp: https://morbidskull.bandcamp.com/album/wowk-otrr
USA: http://morbidskullrecords.com/usa/?s=Wowk+Otrr
Central America: http://www.morbidskullrecords.com/sv/?s=Wowk+Otrr
Chamber of Horns Death Distro (chamberofhorns@gmail.com)