“Yeti Love” is the new album from songwriters Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears aka Yeti Love and are the modern folk explosion of the indie scene. This album is a well thought and crafted journey of songs written with a passion only a true songwriter can have. I’ve always looked at folk music as kind of hit or miss. When it’s done well it’s a potential masterpiece but when it’s done less than perfect it really shows. “Yeti Love” is a great example of the former. Brilliant chord progressions and introspective lyrics dominate the album with every song mastered with a skill level only found in prominent musicians and other people who really care about the final product while staying with the true vision of the best folk rock has to offer.

About Yeti Love:
A folk duo who see the genre as the punk music of the modern age, Yeti Love are songwriters Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears. Using their lyrics to address the ills of today’s society, they are an issue driven pair with a whimsical side, as evidenced by their name – a tribute to a mythical creature they find both fascinating and terrifying.

Blending the Spanish sensibilities of Hamilton’s upbringing with the intricate, multi-instrumental talents of Sears, the pair’s previous single ‘Lonely Road’ saw them establish a hybrid sound which they call ‘alt-rogue-folk-rock’. This unique approach is further developed with new single ‘Deep’- released on September 7th, two weeks before a debut self-titled album.

Formed in 2012, the pair have established themselves not only as talented musicians but hard workers, consistently building a momentum and following over three years of hard graft and great music. It’s well known that a strong work-ethic in the modern industry is often as important as the quality of the songs ,and the fact that Yeti Love has both makes this year one full of potential for the pair.

Already busy putting together a tour to promote the album from the end of September, they are already in and out of the studio working on an new EP to follow it up. Already two steps ahead, all this comes at the same time as curating and organising their very own festival: The Airballoon Garden Party, 29-30th August at Rickman Hill Park.

With the festival in late August, plus the single, album and tour due for September, this summer offers Yeti Love to bring their music to more people than ever before. And with an alternative-folk brand this compelling, they’ll be listening.

Live Dates:
August 29th Airballoon Garden Party Coulsdon
More dates to follow…