1. Face To Face The Vendettas 0:30
  2. Slinging Mud The Vendettas 0:30
  3. Believe You Know The Vendettas 0:30
  4. Guardians The Vendettas 0:30
  5. Sold You Out The Vendettas 0:30
  6. Only The Wicked The Vendettas 0:30
  7. Stoned Ape The Vendettas 0:30
  8. Dang Bird The Vendettas 0:30
  9. High As A Jet The Vendettas 0:30
  10. Rats On The Wheel The Vendettas 0:30
  11. Flesh and Bone The Vendettas 0:30
  12. What Have You Done The Vendettas 0:30

The Vendettas have released their new album title ‘The Vendettas III’. Along with that is their new video for the track ‘Guardians’. I have been an avid fan of The Vendettas ever since they came on our radar with our Best of 2015 list for ‘Bystander and Destroyer’ way back in, well, 2015. Anyway, with ‘III’, The Vendettas show their true evolution of revolution with a decent size set of songs that have absolutely no filler. Sound impossible? Take a listen. Combing old school rock with new school cool, The Vendettas deliver future classics with the methods of madness and the virtue of virtuosos.

About the Vendettas

The Vendettas have been a part of Melbourne’s rock scene for over 10 years, mastering their craft to every beer-soaked wall and sticky floor the town has to offer.

In recent times, the boys spent almost a year writing vigorously and tightening the ‘pre-prod’ screws, before hitting the studio hard to record album #3.

These studio sessions were all captured live and raw, with one main objective in mind – to produce a piece of audio that represents what the band sounds like in the flesh, with all dials cranked to 11.

THE VENDETTAS have moved from strength to strength, securing their first international support with Danko Jones (Canada), while continuing to build their presence in the local scene doing what they love. Belting out rock ‘n’ roll the way it should be, The Vendettas are a band that blows minds!

Featured image: Viper Photography.