1. Shortwave Tone Ranger 0:30
  2. Wellspring Tone Ranger 0:30
  3. Palomino Tone Ranger 0:30
  4. Rolling Tone Ranger 0:30
  5. Reins Tone Ranger 0:30
  6. Emerald Tone Ranger 0:30
  7. Mágico Tone Ranger 0:30
  8. Perihelion Tone Ranger 0:30

Tone Ranger is set to release his new album titled ‘Desert Rose’ on May 6th. A continuance of the evolution brought by ‘Follow The Sun’, his previous EP, ‘Desert Rose’ sees a bit more of the ‘stretching of the creative wings’ with a brilliant ambiance and wider scope with every bit of that ‘tone ranger’ tone intact. The samples mix seamlessly with the beat and the hook is consistent and constant, in places, where it counts and brought in a way as to keep the interest as well as the ‘groovial pleasure’.

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About Tone Ranger

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Simon, presents his debut Tone Ranger album ‘Desert Rose’, a sonic journey across vast open landscapes, beneath blazing sun and star filled skies. Following a series of EP releases, this release is part of a larger episodic collection called ‘Peaks and Valleys’, a body of music that journeys from euphoric summits to the depths of ocean caves and the cosmos.

In this episode, guided by pedal steel, guitar, violin, trumpet, synthesizers, percussion and vocals; we gallop with wild horses through a tapestry of sounds. ‘Desert Rose’ moves with a dreamlike searching quality from radio frequencies to epic panoramas, arriving finally at the doorway to the next album (release fall 2022).

Throughout ‘DESERT ROSE’ we hear cinematic sounds of the American West mixing with retro-electronic and traditional Sephardic influences, as the artist explores his lineage – one of displacement, seeking and celebration. This is channeled through the journey of Tone Ranger, who collects sounds and processes history through textural storytelling in film and music

Alex Simon’s expansive sound incorporates influences ranging from classical and world music to techno and psychedelic rock. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico – his creative process involves traveling to remote landscapes and composing music that is in conversation with the land. Starting out in his ‘Rolling Studio’, a van decked out for recording, much of ‘Desert Rose’ was composed whilst living in National Parks.

Since releasing his debut eponymous ‘Tone Ranger’ EP in 2018, he’s fast become one of the most in demand electronic acts emerging from the Southwest of America. As well as producing for the stage, he is also a film composer and multimedia artist.

Alex is the co-founder of Casa Animalia (record label and publishing house) which produces and promotes creative projects that reflect the complexity and beauty of nature. He is also the co-founder of Sovereign Sounds, a non-profit which provides audio equipment and teaches recording to indigenous communities to help facilitate the preservation of song, story and tradition.