William Ryan Key has today released his new EP titled ‘Everything Except Desire’ via Equal Vision. As a pure instrumentalist William is as interesting as he is atmospheric. But all around, he is universal. With a broad cinematic style melted into the depths of one’s emotional creativity, William delivers five tracks that stand up phenomenally well on their own much less as a collective. The heart is in the subtlety while the fire comes from the mind of a musician absolutely in touch with his id.

About William Ryan Key & ‘Everything Except Desire’

Exploring different genres and instrumentals on Everything Except Desire, Key’s deep dive into the cinematic and conceptual music world offers a new palette for him to explore. It’s a deeply personal record (the EP tackles such heavy topics as his own mental health and expunging emotional toxicity), he explains, “I wanted to figure out why I let things happen to me. I allowed myself to be vulnerable for the wrong reasons, and I needed to understand that.”

Conceived and produced by Key on a month-to-month basis through Patreon at the start of Summer 2020, he reached out to friends Ryan Mendez, Erich Talaba, and Mike Kalajian to help in the recording of the record. The result is an EP that isn’t as much an extension of his previous two critically-hailed EPs Thirteen and Virtue as it is a progression forward. “I took a risk and created something completely unlike anything I’ve released in the past,” he beams. “This record felt like a big step for me both as a writer and a producer.”

Featured image by Acacia Evans.