Elora have returned with their impressive new release, “Tú”. Some of you may remember their last outing, “Cada día es así“. This is a more groove oriented outing with more concentration on chord progression. In some respects it reminds me of the early offerings of U2 (“Boy, “October”) and New Order (“Movement”, “Power, Corruption & Lies”). The fact that the vocals on this album are in Spanish will mean almost nothing to the true music enthusiast. The music and harmony on every track, especially “Solo tú sabes”, “Te irá mejor”, and the title track, actually have the Spanish factor working FOR the music because the syntax really compliments the harmony as much as the chord progressions compliment the melody. There is your theory lesson for the day. Excellent album!

“Tú” by Elora is out now via Custom Made Music.


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About Elora:
ELORA were founded in 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, by composer and music producer Marco Morgione (Linn Youki, formerly with Glissando). He is currently joined by Daniel C. Alarcón (Errecinco, Dúo Guasón) and Daniel Setti (Ático Produções, Miss Q, formerly with Jumbo Elektro). In less than two years, ELORA have released five EPs and a compilation, all by Spanish label Siete Señoritas Gritando (www.7argh.com),  “Túí”  the bands first full length album was released during the their first U.S. tour in the Fall of 2015. RIYL Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, and My Bloody Valentine.