1. Potions LEAP 3:13

LEAP has released their new single titled ‘Potions’ along with a new performance video of the track. This song sounds signature from that first note from a band that has found their sound long, long ago. A quiet adrenaline dropper, ‘Potions’ gives you that rush you need to fall in. or back in, love with #indie music and smile that their are still artists who ‘get it’ and thrive from those ‘aha’ moments in songwriting and internal collaborations needed to make original music at this level.

‘Potions’ Official Performance Video


  • Directed by Liam Desroy
  • Produced by Greasy Waffle Films


  • Written by Jack Balfour Scott, Joey Arnold & Tom Leach
  • Produced by 9Pockets
  • Mixed by Tom Leach
  • Mastered by Katie Tavini

About LEAP & ‘Potions’

The enigmatic LEAP takes down the pace with his brand new, deeply personal and highly intense alt-rock anthem ‘Potions’, continuing his auto-biographical exploration of mental health. Lead singer Jacky Scott is bi-polar, and following an extended manic episode in a psychiatric ward, Potions taps into the cocktail of alcohol, medication and drugs that fuelled his mania. Touching on addiction and inner-city struggles, Potions is an anthem for anyone who has struggled with self-medication. LEAP’s art form has a contagious energy that is sure to make a lasting impression on anybody that tunes in and ‘Potions’ is no exception.

Discussing the new track, LEAP shares: “Potions is a song I wrote about addiction and the different vices people take to escape their own disturbed thoughts. Feeling disconnected from the world and the people around me is something I’ve struggled with living with bi polar leading me to different forms of self medication but using music as an outlet has helped me conquer some of these demons. I hope anyone out there struggling can take something positive away from the song”.

There’s no point trying to understand Jacky Balfour Scott. Sure, you can piece his story together: born in Edinburgh, raised in Johannesburg, music college in Brighton etc etc, but you’ll never really know what he’s going to do next. Even those closest to him that have witnessed every high and low don’t pretend to know what’s going on in the kid’s head. It’s easier to sit back and just ride the rollercoaster. Because with Jacky, whether it’s tens of thousands of people cheering his name on some of the world’s biggest stages, or board games in the padded walls of the Balcarres Psychiatric Ward, one thing is always certain: you’re gonna be shocked, in one way or another.

2020 saw the release of first two singles N.L.T.D. and Where The Silence Goes, landing support from earmilk, its all indie, fame magazine, BBC Radio6, BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and many more, and selling out his debut headline show at Omeara (1 week before lockdown).

2021 sees LEAP step up and out of the world of DIY releasing into a more ambitious, more refined sonic palette where he can comfortably compete with the biggest indie-rock acts around. Inspired by the likes of Fontaines DC, 21 Pilots and Yungblud, new singles Energies and Potions from his upcoming EP ‘1 Million Pieces’ are undeniable indicators of where Jacky’s raw, eclectic persona is heading.