Indii G. has today released his new EP titled ‘Riverhouse’, as well as the new video for the track ‘Soul’ via Epitaph Records.

Indii G. has been solidly establishing himself for a couple years now. With ‘Riverhouse’, he takes root in the music industry as someone who is clearly sticking around. This is the deep end of the pool, and he has no problem staying afloat. A brilliant mix of chillwave, hip hop, soul, and pop, ‘Riverhouse’ spans a gamut of sonically colorful landscapes and takes ownership of his digital destiny with bits of different genres underlying his true talent: himself.

Rarely does experience show at such a young age.

About Indii G

Today, rising rapper/producer/multi-instrumentalist Indii G. officially releases his new EP ‘Riverhouse’ via Epitaph Records. Since signing with the label in 2020, Indii has steadily put out a string of singles full of honest lyrics leading up to the release of Riverhouse, marking his first body of work to date. He also shares the self-affirming focus track and music video “Soul.” Led by finger picked guitar and a moody melody guided along by crisp beats, the visual depicts an isolated Indii who grapples with realizing his self-worth.

Indii explains that, ​​“Soul is all about reminding myself that trust is a two way street and that I don’t need validation from any person in order to exist.”

In the realm of the lo-fi alternative sound that Indii. G embraces, the 6 blissful tracks on “Riverhouse” emphasize polished guitar-forward instrumentation entwined with silky vocals and fresh rhythmic beats. All the songs were co-produced by Indii G. himself and mixed by Miles Walker.

The EP’s first single “Hampton,” served as a reach into the bedroom pop/indie pipeline. It soon proved itself as a stand-out track, earning features in established outlets such as LA Weekly, Billboard and Nylon. He went on to navigate feelings of jealousy in a budding summer romance with second single “Summer Nights,” utilizing trap drums layered over a dreamy guitar riff. Combined, these releases cemented a flourishing new stage in Indii G.’s musical journey.

Throughout his career Indii G has created music as a personal diary, putting his feelings into fruit for hip-hop heads and DIY chillwave enthusiasts alike; this EP is no exception to this. He explains that “Riverhouse is a collection of stories that in some ways represent a chapter of my life. To me, this project symbolizes me balling it up and leaving it all behind as I open the door to begin a new and better one.”

As a self-taught piano and guitar player, in 2016 Indii G. began his career by experimenting with different beats and vocal arrangements on Soundcloud. Since then, the Louisiana native has continued to build momentum through his harmonic and infectious sound resulting in over two million streams and counting on Spotify. Taking influence from Juice WRLD, Frank Ocean and Blackbear, Indii G. is motivated by watching his friends succeed and grow within music.

Featured image by Nick Demarais.