Microcosms have today released their new album titled ‘Flytrap’. While being their first full outing as a four-piece, the Chicago juggernaut still retains that original style and way about them, albeit a fatter full thicker version.

That vivid mix of post-punk and pre-suck, Microcosms pick up where underground giants like fIREHOSE, Hüsker Dü and Sparklehorse leave off and leave nothing behind. This is what a formerly local band sounds like when it kicks the doors open to the world stage.

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About Microcosms

Andrew here! Microcosms began as an outlet for the voice in my head that started popping up around 2012. Thoughts of a frustrated but optimistic person trying to navigate an increasingly delusional world. Our songs rollick with a sense of urgency and have that ear candy to reward multiple listens.

I mixed and mastered our upcoming project Flytrap, our first release as a 4 piece band, and I hope you can feel the attention and love poured into every bar as the record bounces around the emotional spectrum. We’re based in Chicago and have mostly just played local shows, but we would love to come to your city and rock out so hit me up on Twitter or IG and we’ll make it happen.