The Test Drive: Atombomb - Limited Edition CassetteAnyone remember cassettes? If you grew up in the ’80s like I did they were a staple of any music loving teen. I loved my cassette collection. I even remember that each label’s cassette release each had it’s own perfumed aroma as much as the ’80s had it’s own unique sound. And you get both with Atombomb. This is an aurally stunning masterpiece with five tracks of retro chique yet with it’s own original and almost natural twists and turns that will make you respect their hooks and wish the cassette format had an infinite repeat.

About Atombomb:
Atombomb is an indie rock quintet originating from Göteborg, Sweden.Their new self titled E.P. is a captivating collection of shoegaze, dream pop, and post rock highlighted by powerful  vocals, shimmering verb drenched guitars and pounding technical percussion. The E.P. will be available on July 17th as a limited edition cassette release on Custom Made Music.