Badison has today released her debut EP titled ‘Out of Nowhere’. Glimmering pop and smart pop-sensibility, Badison punches a whole in the sky with this set of songs that sounds like they are from someone who has been in the game a lot longer than she has been. ‘Out of Nowhere’ is, well, out of nowhere musically. A sucker-punch to that musical gut that sounds retro while chugging forward like a train. Isn’t that the kind of music we need for the summer? That bright sounding colorful set of tracks with no filler so you don’t have to make a playlist? Just hit play. It’s in there. Your party.

About Badison

After a string of singles and collaborations, Croatian-born/German-based producer BADISON has teamed-up with AZTEC RECORDS to unleash her debut EP ‘Out Of Nowhere‘.

“I would love to avoid saying ‘It’s about love, hate and heartbreak’, but it’s actually about that”, the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist says about the five “songs to cry and dance to” that made their way onto her first solo outing.

Combining lush ‘80s infused pop melodies, irresistible synth hooks and a modern day production, it’s the heartfelt delivery of her deeply personal lyrics that make BADISON stand out from the crowd. With pop bangers like ‘Show you Things’ and power ballads like ‘Our Love’, BADISON is going to make you dance the heartbreak away.