Delta Maid is set to drop her new album titled ‘Katie’ on June 5th, 2020. with a soothing and soulful swagger, Delta Maid (a.k.a Katie Foulkes), gives a beautiful set of tracks that seamlessly flow from one to the next with honesty and brilliance that can’t be faked, it must be honed.

Varied and swaying between styles, ‘Katie’ gives a colored background for Delta’s beautiful and unique vocal in such a way as to garner fans from all over. I love it when I listen to true talent.

‘Katie’ is available everywhere June 5, 2020

About Delta Maid

When Delta Maid emerged onto the British scene in 2010, she seemed destined to become a sensation. She signed a major record deal, toured with globally renowned artists, and released a well-received debut album, but it didn’t take long for her to realize she was a poor fit for the commercially oriented music industry.

Katie Foulkes, the woman who is Delta Maid, found herself unable to express real feelings, and as a result, she took a nine-year hiatus from the industry. During that time, she rediscovered her passion for music. Having reclaimed her independence, she has spent the past year writing the songs that would later become her soul-stirring new album ‘Katie.’

Opening track ‘White Knuckle Ride’ sets the tone for the record, with its freewheeling rhythms allowing Katie’s powerful voice to shine. ‘Alchemy’ showcases her gift for melancholy Soul, while ‘Lion’s Den’ allows her to turn her introspection into a Reggae infused Pop gem. On ‘The Tide,’ she shows yet another side of herself with a hauntingly memorable Electronica track.

These ten tracks serve as a personal triumph for Katie, who has proven that she is at her best when she goes her own way. Now that her career resurrection is complete, Delta Maid should be a force in the music world for years to come.