DISSIDO - Thisorientamento
DISSIDO – Thisorientamento

Hi, our names are Michelangelo, Valentino and Francesco. But that’s not the point either. We really like what we do: music and theatre. Yup, we really like accompanying our live musicals with theatrical performances that are fun, stupefying, moving, or that will piss people off, thus making ‘concerts’ into “theatre” Now, a character that knows what he’s talking about said ” talking about music is like dancing architecture”, but since this is a biography, we have to try and do it: our music is all our own- we sincerely don’t feel like we belong to any particular genre. When people ask what genre of music we are, we never were able to find an adequate response.

We could tell you that our lyrics and are sound are undoubtedly rock, ma other than that you can only understand by listening. Another biographical obligation is to tell you a little bit about ourselves, which involves telling yo uthat in the past we did a lot of fun things that were completely devoid of dignity. We won the “Arezzo Wave” prize in Calabria, the “Rock Auser,” and the “B-Live Music Contest Italia”.

We’ve played with Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), Frankie HI-NRG, Ministri, Nobraino, Zen Circus, Giorgio Canali, Ricky Portera, Rezophonic and many others. We’ve even been on Rai 3, and the inside of BLOB. Now we’re working on realizing our first album. That’s it. You’ll all be happy to know that you were able to learn so much about us with so few words.

Thisorientamento Tracklist:
1. Ciao, Ciao (pt.1)
2. Ha Ha Ha
3. Qualcosa di meglio da dire
4. Uniforme-Mente
5. L’amore è un lavoro strano
6. Pezzo di sfiga
7. Vetrinaspecchio
8. La “parole” (fine a se)
9. 9
10. Se Si Sa Si Sa, Sai?
11. Saturday Night Dead
12. Ciao, Ciao (pt.2)

Michelangelo Mercuri – Vocals/Guitar
Valentino De Vito – Bass/Vocals
Francesco Procopio – Drums