Drew Davies has dropped his new EP titled ‘We Need to Talk’. The culmination of those wonderful singles and videos has come to fruition with this rock-solid EP of songs that are as diverse as they are tight and style-defining.

Drew could become known as a prominent songwriter if he doesn’t become known as a mega-talented musician and singer first. One thing for sure is ‘We Need to Talk’ could become that definition for either or both. Drew definitely has his songwriting style down, as evident in these tracks, which show a varied yet signature approach and execution. But Drew also has an almost ‘Bono’ level of signature sound in his voice. One of the sounds that let you know it’s him within a few notes. Listen for yourself and be the judge.

‘We Need to Talk’ is out now via all major platforms.

About Drew Davies

Hailing from South Yorkshire, Davies comes from a long line of singers and musicians. He has spent the better part of the last decade treading the boards of venues and festivals across the UK and Europe with various bands, working in musical collaborations, writing for other artists and singing in session gigs to get by. Through successes, setbacks and everything in between, he has poured himself into his musical labors and has now produced his most personal work to date.

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Pulling from a wide array of influences, Drew Davies is inspired by everything from 50’s rock n’ roll to electronica, citing acts such as The National, Scott Walker, Vangelis and Tom Petty. From this palette of familiar reference points, he has created a genre-bending and timeless sound that bears semblance to the likes of Sam Fender, Future Islands, and The War On Drugs.

‘Beautiful World’ is centered around some of our current socio-political issues, but Davies tackles the subject from a place of observation, rather than making a political statement. The compelling subject matter is portrayed through the heavy tenderness of the instrumental arrangement which couples dramatic Saxophone with vintage synthesizers; a sense of urgency pervades the track while Davies carries the narrative across beautifully with his trademark baritone.

Beautiful World ’ was a song I wrote about the problems facing us all. I wrote it like an episode of the 9 o’clock news, it focuses on the divisions we see in society and the disenfranchisement and fall of many to the edges of society; all set against the backdrop of the climate emergency we are living through. The song is not political, instead, I wanted to focus on how we could work better together than apart.
– Drew Davies