1. New Years Day James.Gerard 1:00
  2. Combinations James.Gerard 1:00
  3. You Begin Where I End James.Gerard 1:00
  4. Drive James.Gerard 1:00
  5. Reprise James.Gerard 1:00
  6. Blood James.Gerard 1:00
  7. Yours Truly James.Gerard 1:00
  8. I Will Wait Here For You James.Gerard 1:00
  9. December.29 James.Gerard 1:00
  10. Look Homeward, Angel James.Gerard 1:00
  11. Vow James.Gerard 1:00

James.Gerard’s new album “You Begin Where I End” is a surreal yet eloquent blend of the songwriter’s genius, with equal parts dirt and pop thrown in for good measure. James really knows how to, not only write, but construct and present a good song. And “You Begin Where I End” is eleven tracks that give truth to that statement. This album begins where the filler ends.

“You Begin Where I End” is out now! Get your copy HERE.

About James.Gerard
I have been performing and recording in the Cleveland area with various bands and projects for the better part fifteen years now.

During that time, I have collaborated with some pretty amazing and incredibly talented artists, with each and every project adding another page to our collective story.

I am currently performing solo acoustic sets in support of my new album, “Heart Invented”, a lyrically driven collection of indie/alternative rock.

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