KLEOPATRA has dropped her new EP titled ‘Machina’ as of today (September 18, 2020). With ‘Machina’ being her debut outing and with it being an electronica album at that, I am very pleasantly surprised at how organic this EP sounds. Her vocals respond naturally to the music in such a soulful and professional way that you would think she has been in the game a lot longer than she has.

From that initial listen of ‘Pretty bones’ there is a slow burn that permeates through to the last track ‘Generic’ that gives an overall feel at what KLEOPATRA’s live act must be like, while each song retains its own unique personality traits. This is the mark of an artist that creates each song with the same passion while giving each track its own originality. You will not be disapointed.

About Kleopatra

Transporting electronic dark-pop to new heights, KLEOPATRA’s debut EP ‘Machina’ is a slick compilation of distorted yet silky vocals and psychedelic melodies. KLEOPATRA intriguingly blurs the lines between humanity and the digital, and compellingly highlights themes of dystopia throughout her craft.

With a stand out offering, KLEOPATRA’s sound is strikingly powerful, and provides for an electrifying listen. Each song’s lyricism progressively tells the story of heartbreak and mental health, and also covers topics of abstract thought and metaphorical observation, taking a look at the superficial and mechanical constructions of society.

This dark-pop singer-songwriter, producer, and visual artist combine modern electronic production with fresh smooth vocals – an android with human consciousness.

Discussing her new release, Kleopatra said:
“I truly love this EP – it is everything to me. At a year in the making, so much time care, and attention has gone into it. It is the most hands-on with a piece of work I have ever been to, being directly responsible for production, mixing, mastering, and recording.

I have had complete creative control and therefore this EP is something that feels like it’s really mine. It is such a direct reflection of my inner self as it perfectly encapsulates all the sounds and themes that I love and that inspire me. I’m so happy I can finally release it into the world and share this piece of myself with others.”

KLEOPATRA captivates her audiences with a cybertronic live experience that features dancing, props and lights. KLEOPATRA has previously released three singles (‘Cameo’, ‘Ukiyo’ and ‘Wasted on Youth’) which have amassed over 55,000 streams on Spotify alone and have received praise from press outlets such as The Line of Best Fit, The Skinny and The SAMAs – to name a few.

Her work draws comparisons from such artists as Grimes, Charli XCX, PC Music, FKA Twigs, SOPHIE and The Weeknd. Her music often features themes relating to mental health, A.I, technology, autonomy, human nature & emotion, and machine learning. KLEOPATRA’s dark-pop beats combined with melodic lines, catchy hooks and dystopian subject matter are sure to keep you transfixed. So, what are you waiting for?

Plug in and download the KLEOPATRA experience today.