Minutian - Inwards
Minutian – Inwards

The Finnish prog rock outfit Minutian are releasing their second album early next year. The album, titled Inwards, will be released through Secret Entertainment and is the follow-up to 2011’s favourably received Repercussions.

After the tragic death of guitarist Jaakko Jernberg in 2012, Minutian dealt with their loss with a lengthy process of writing new material. This work has now resulted in nine tracks of progressive rock music with originality and emotion.

The title Inwards depicts not only the overall expression of the music and the process leading to its creation, but also an underlying theme in the lyrics. A common theme wasn’t as much intentional as it was a result of shared feelings and experiences. The album’s narrative tells a story of the protagonist struggling with his visions and seeking ways to mend his shattered thoughts to ultimately find safety. The story encompasses several differing perspectives.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Jaakko Jernberg. The album closes with ‘Redeemer’, a song he composed and wrote lyrics for.

Inwards features piano arrangements by Helsinki-based composer Elias Patrikainen. The album is to be mixed by Toni Kimpimäki at Redfive Studios. Mastering will be handled by Ronan Chris Murphy, known for his work with King Crimson, Terry Bozzio and Ulver.

The release date of the album is January 30, 2015. A digital single will be available in advance. An album release gig will take place at Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki on the day of the release.

Minutian – Inwards