Pikes has dropped his new EP titled ‘People in Cars’. From the start of the EP, the title track sets the tone with an almost orchestral feel surrounded by a lush canvas of synth and harmonies. Each track has it’s own signature sound, however, with some being a bit darker than others but, with the creative mind of Pikes (aka Christoffer Ling) behind every track, you hear the diversity and originality collide with the creativity in a wonderful and inspiring fashion.

About Pikes & ‘People in Cars’

People In Cars will be Pikes’ third EP since the fall of 2018 and on the EP you can hear influences from genres such as Synth-wave, progressive rock, Psychedelia, and synthpop. The EP is designed as a rock opera and there is a vague thematic thread that runs through the 6 separate tracks.

The artist, songwriter, and producer Christoffer Ling has for almost a year now released music under the alias of Pikes. The idea began as a way of departing from an existence that was defined by rules and norms. The music is a mixture of synthesizers from the 80s, sampled / organic drums and large orchestral soundscapes that come together in a sound that borders between pop and movie score. Pikes is influenced by artists such as Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa, and Kate Bush.