1. Selected Rocket Report 0:30
  2. Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) Rocket Report 0:30
  3. She Said Rocket Report 0:30
  4. Going Nowhere Rocket Report 0:30
  5. Highs Like This Rocket Report 0:30
  6. Clean Rocket Report 0:30
  7. Like A Fool Rocket Report 0:30
  8. Symptoms of Collapse Rocket Report 0:30
  9. Every Storm Runs Dry of Rain Rocket Report 0:30
  10. Abandon the Pain Rocket Report 0:30
  11. Black Days Rocket Report 0:30
  12. Broken Soul Rocket Report 0:30
  13. Sister Europe Rocket Report 0:30
  14. Disorder Rocket Report 0:30
  15. Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) [People Theat… Rocket Report 0:30
  16. Highs Like This (extended version) Rocket Report 0:30
  17. She Said (A Viva-Voce Report) Rocket Report 0:30

Rocket Report is set to drop their new album titled ‘Overmorrow’ on June 18th. The songs have that vintage electronic sound tinged with retro-pop in the vein of Depeche Mode, New Order, and more. What I like about this, though, is the fusion of electronic with guitar, and done in a creative fashion as to not overpower each other, but stay in unison when needed and harmony when necessary. This is a songwriter’s album at its core, however. The hooks are in the right places and there are no stagnant parts. And that is what gives each song its own personality. ‘I’m a Fool’ almost has a sports arena guitar riff and ‘Every Storm Runs Dry of Rain’ feels EuroDisco, And it all fits. Like it was meant to be. And it is. Take a listen. Just hit play on track one and let it run. You’ll feel it.

About Rocket Report

A shared love of KRAFTWERK resulted in JON RUSSELL and MARK J STAGG recording together during the early 1990s in Manchester, England. They reconnected in 2019, when Jon asked Mark to remix some tracks for his alter ego JONTEKNIK. Then, during the locked-down year of 2020, they started working remotely as ROCKET REPORT. Some tracks adopted the guitar skills of ROBERT MCCULLOCH, who has become more involved as the project has progressed.

OVERMORROW is their debut album and will be released on June 18th 2021. There are some darker themes nestling among the pop and electronics, together with a handful of covers that enthuse the band; DEPECHE MODE’s ‘Clean’ is stripped down to reveal its vulnerable side, THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS’ ‘Sister Europe’ is given an electronic nod, JOY DIVISION’s ‘Disorder’ is celebrated with both a touch of dub and some full-on rawness, and a track discovered in the film ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ by 80s U.S. band BOOK OF LOVE, ‘Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)’ is given a fresh RR reinterpretation too.

Jon Russell is a programmer/writer/producer/remixer who has been making electronic music since 1988, releasing a fascinating arc of albums as Jonteknik and recently launching his own label, The Peoples Electric. His catalogue is extensive, selected highlights including Structural – which shipped in a unique 3D-printed CD case – and his own personal favorites Large Hadron Collider and The Satellites of Substance. In 2019 he released Tectonics, which he felt took the Jonteknik concept to a natural and satisfying conclusion, completing that musical adventure for now.

Along the way, he remained highly prolific, with other work including co-producing and writing with Paul Humphreys (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda), as well as remixing artists such as Le Cliché, Nature Of Wires, Metroland, iEuropean (feat. Wolfgang Flür) and OMD.

Rocket Report took shape during the 2020 summer of COVID, as Jon – based on the south coast – began remotely collaborating with old friend Mark Stagg in Manchester. Crackling with a new-found energy, he now finds himself in the unexpected role of singer and lyricist, while his love for electronics continues unabated.

Mark J Stagg, aka Staggman, has also been making music for much longer than he probably should. He just doesn’t know what else to do. One time, in late-80s Manchester indie-pop band Pure, he was luckily “the only person hanging round the studio who knew how to use the computer”. So, as club culture exploded, he found himself engineering, programming and occasionally co-writing a string of dance anthems including classics by K-Klass, Evolution, Eskimos & Egypt, Rhythm Foundation, Unit 93 and more.

Alongside legendary DJ Justin Robertson he remixed everyone from Björk to New Order, Inspiral Carpets to Erasure, Finitribe and The Grid.

Forming his own imprint, Pro-Gress, he remixed The Shamen, Nitzer Ebb and Frontline Assembly, subsequently expanding it to a full-blown band project. His true fanboy moment came working with one of his all-time favorites bands – Sparks, before trumping his achievement with the platinum-selling Sehnsucht album by industrial giants Rammstein.

Later he became part of production team FAF, scoring hits for The Tamperer and Rednex, while more recent projects have included singles for Royksöpp, Moby and Robyn.