1. Daniel Silverware 0:30
  2. Take Me With You Silverware 0:30
  3. Important Silverware 0:30
  4. No Plans Silverware 0:30
  5. I Always Get What I Want Silverware 0:30
  6. 31 Silverware 0:30
  7. Cat Feet Silverware 0:30

Silverware has released their new album titled ‘No Plans’. Silverware is the project of San Francisco-based artist Ainsley Wagoner. Ainsley is an artist with an original sound. Think of it as a cross between vintage Marristar, Natalie Merchant, and a dash of vintage ‘wall of sound’. Sound obscure enough? Add to that hints of electronica as well. But, above all of that, you have Ainsley’s stellar songwriting and a beautifully unique set of vocals. ‘No Plans’ is something that must be listened to and not merely heard. I feel something new with each listen. You will as well.

About Silverware

Silverware is the project of San Francisco-based artist Ainsley Wagoner. Born and raised in Kentucky by church musician parents, her songs have the tension and resolve of traditional hymns and an Appalachian propensity for bright frequencies and top-of-your-lungs melodies. A lifelong student of voice, Wagoner revels in layered harmonies and a wide palette of vocal textures.

Conceived out of Lexington-based art collective Resonant Hole, Silverware has a decade of releases beginning with a debut produced by artist Robert Beatty (Three-Legged Race, Hair Police). In San Francisco, Wagoner has flourished as a member of the independent music community and frequenter of SF’s legendary Tiny Telephone Studios. Collaborating with Sami Perez (The She’s, Cherry Glazerr, Harry the Nightgown) and Spencer Hartling (Harry the Nightgown, Ball Earth) on 2019’s Finish Line / Need Me Too 7”, and Omar Akrouche (Worthitpurchase) on 2021’s No Plans, Silverware’s songs have blossomed into shimmering art pop anthems.

No Plans filters Wagoner’s multi-instrumental talents through experimental analog warmth, resulting in an album that rollercoasters through tonalities and emotions. Exploring themes of sorrow and self-healing, irony and sweetness, reflection and resolve, No Plans soars the listener to heights and depths via cracked-open melodies and steep cliffs of experimental tone.

Silverware recalls the timelessness of 60’s folk balladeers Linda Perhacs and Sybille Baier, the art pop sensibilities of Kate Bush and Weyes Blood, and the honest and piercing vocals of Joni Mitchell and Mitski. Silverware is like an overdue conversation with a trusted friend, where you name the things that you’ve been afraid of, and leave feeling washed clean.