1. Fighting The Man Simon Husbands 0:30
  2. Blue Roofs Of China Simon Husbands 0:30
  3. Red Sky Simon Husbands 0:30
  4. Twinkle Simon Husbands 0:30
  5. Calling Out Simon Husbands 0:30
  6. Headed Home Simon Husbands 0:30
  7. Gather Your Arms Simon Husbands 0:30
  8. A Little Piece Of Home Simon Husbands 0:30
  9. Walking In From The World Simon Husbands 0:30
  10. AMFM Simon Husbands 0:30
  11. Song For Henry (Bonus Track) Simon Husbands 0:30
  12. The Footy Song (Bonus Track) Simon Husbands 0:30

Simon Husbands has released his new album titled ‘Pop’. Simon has taken all those years of experience in music and placed them individually in each and every song on ‘Pop’, giving a a mature set of guitar driven pop tracks with mild hooks and wild expectations. This is an album years in the making with something for everyone.

About Simon Husbands

After decades of playing, writing and releasing music with other artists, Simon decided it was time to release something that is uniquely his. POP is his debut release, a collection of sweet but hard rock and pop songs, telling stories and celebrating life.

Simon grew up listening to Top Of The Pops and John Peel. Lying awake at night listening to pirate radio and Peel, he loved the sounds of the 70’s and bands like Roxy Music, The Sweet, Bowie and some of the groundbreaking punk bands. Playing in bands from an early age, he always liked good tunes and chords. Pop music was the soundtrack of his life.

Whilst playing in bands, Simon supported artists such as Def Leppard and Chas and Dave, and was courted by many major labels. Simon even co-wrote a song with Grammy nominated writer DAVID MALLOY who has 41 #1 hits under his belt. Eventually Simon’s band BLUE TRAIN was signed to BMG ( alongside great artists such as MATTHEW SWEET, PROCUL HARUM, TOOL and GREEN JELLO ). The guy that signed the band was legendary A&R guy GEORGE DALY who discovered the Tubes and The Cars. In 1991 the band had a record in the Billboard charts ( for 13 weeks ) called All I Need Is You, being played over 70,000 times across the USA.. Whilst travelling across the States, Simon met his wife in North Dakota, got married and became an ex-pat, living in Minneapolis, USA.

And now Simon gets to play music in Minneapolis. He performs periodically with a number of great local artists – The Katy Vernon Band, The Black Bluebirds, Kiki Lane, Thee Duke Of Dark, as well as a fabulous ABBA covers band, ABBAsolutely Fab! He also has a weekly radio show on KFAI 90.3 FM called TRUE BRIT! where he spins nothing but British music and shares stories of the music and culture he loves.

And now, he has a brand new album, his debut album. It’s called POP. It is released almost exactly 30 years to the day that Simon first stepped foot into the USA. What took so long? Life.