The Black Watch have today reissued their album titled ‘Led Zeppelin Five Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition’ on ATOM Records. Originally released in 2011, the tenth anniversary reminds of of how timeless music can be as this holds relevance as much today as it did a decade ago. And, imagining all the changes to the world in the last ten years, that’s saying a lot. Being The Black Watch’s biggest seller so far, it is the perfect ‘gateway drug’ and introduction to the band for being the most accessible and inviting for the mainstream while retaining the signature sound that is The Black Watch.

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About ‘Led Zeppelin Five Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition’

“Led Zeppelin Five” was originally released on Eskimo Record Label in 2011. It is to be reissued by ATOM Records on CD (ATOM3621) and 12” Maroon Vinyl (ATOM3721). Titled the black watch led zeppelin five remastered 10th anniversary edition the CD has 12 tracks, the LP 11 (A cover of The Beatles It’s All Too Much is not on the vinyl). Additional photos and art work are part of the new CD packaging.

The band’s singer songwriter John Andrew Fredrick on the reissue: ‘Led Zeppelin Five holds a special place in the black watch’s discography–and indeed in our pocketbooks, as it has been our biggest seller to-date. Why? Oh, I reckon it’s not only because the songs are really catchy (if I do say so myself!), but because a gaggle of really stoned fans of that band I love who wrote about goblins and hobbits and wizards thought it was a lost record by The Zep.

Producer/Engineer Scott Campbell (Acetone, Stevie Nicks, Carina Round) deserves heaps of credit here for brilliant sonic touches and great drum sounds and magic with my vocals and those of foil/dream-bandmate Steven Schayer. And the job Scott Taylor (bass) and Rick Woodard (drums) did as well. LZ5 truly was a record made by four incredibly tight friends–with their incredibly tight friend Campbell.