‘Oh Me Oh Mi’, the latest outing from The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show, is definitely made for that hip audiophile with a penchant for alt-country with a hidden pleasure for post-punk. The tracks are a unique and powerful blend of said sub-genres brilliantly melded and molded into something truly original.

About The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show
The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show is back with another brilliant release, this time in the shape of new EP ‘Oh Me Oh Mi’.

The lead track tells the story of lead singer Mark Lyons’ “Obsession with reading great books as a youth and how I actually thought I was the hero when reading them. I would honestly believe I was Owen Meany or the next Bilbo Baggins, escaping reality through literature.”.

Mark adds: “‘Make The Bed’ is our attempt at putting a British kitchen sink drama into a three and a half minute Pop song. A love song that all couples can relate to”.

The EP is rounded off by the third track ‘My Banjo Player Hates Me’ which Mark explains is “A paranoid love song to the rest of the band. A dark tale of hate and murder due to my constant search for perfection. An apology of sorts.”

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Grant David Read.