With a slick combination of electronica, goth, and pop sensibilities, The Venus Flytrap has emerged with a staggeringly solid musical piece in the form of ‘Icon’. Each track takes its place of individuality and sonic passion while giving the listener something to adhere to with every hook.

The ‘Icon’ album will be released on September 28. It will be available on CD via Glass Modern Records and digitally across online stores and streaming platforms, as well as Bandcamp.

About The Venus Fly Trap
British cult outfit The Venus Fly Trap has announced they will release their new ‘Icon’ LP via Glass Modern Records. This Bladerunner rock n roll sees post-punk fuse with dark electronica envisioned through rose-tinted shades and dark acidic visions.

Founded in Northampton by Alex Novak (vocals) and Andrew Denton (guitar, programming) in 1986 after Novak parted company with darkwave post-punk band Attrition, mythology has always been part of The Venus Fly Trap’s psyche, alongside space and science fiction. This is music created for imaginary films for your mind.

The Venus Fly Trap emerged from the same fold as Bauhaus, with Novak having attended art school with three-quarters of the band and gigging alongside Bauhaus in several previous bands. Bauhaus’ Kevin Haskins would later produce the band’s 1989 EP ‘Rocket USA / Cloud 9 / Opium War’ and co-produced the ‘Shedding Another Skin’ LP (1992) with Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher). Fish also produced their ‘Pandoras Box’ album (1991).

Produced by Martin Bowes of Attrition fame and also Pigface, the new ‘Icon’ album follows the ‘Nemesis’ LP (2008) and ‘Metamorphosis’, which released on limited red vinyl in 2016. The Venus Fly Trap draws inspiration from many sources, including psychedelia via post-punk electronica, reggae via Bauhaus, film noir, The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, The Doors, Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails.

About this new album, Alex Novak says, “I was inspired by ancient mythology how it has been subverted via cinema and TV screen idols/goddesses..and the nature of fame via TV and the internet… the fascination of being famous for being famous, drawing on what Warhol said “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’.

With a strong European following, earlier releases came out via labels Danceteria (France), Azyl (Czech Republic), Spectre (Germany), Soundbuster (Germany), SPV (Germany Poland) and Big Blue (Poland).

Their live music adventures have seen them shared the stage with The Mission, Spacemen 3, Tom Verlaine (Television), Clan Of Xymox, New Model Army, Killing Joke, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Attrition, Pop Will Eat Itself, Chameleons, Christian Death, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Jazz Butcher, Sultans Of Ping and Front Line Assembly, among others.

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Northampton electro goths’ finest… stabbing guitars and synths, 80s new wave/pop, elements of goth punk, industrial and krautrock, but it’s the industrial moments, sounding similar to KMFDM and Ministry, that they’re at their best.”
– Vive Le Rock

Alex’s voice comes close to the sound if Bob Mould and if Husker Dü were to ever made a goth-rock-pop album… what brilliant songwriters they are.”
– Peek-a-Boo Magazine

True to their trademark musical form, science fiction weaves with mythology and indie rock in the style of Public Image Ltd, Cabaret Voltaire, and Killing Joke… There’s so much to be excited about here.. This music is irresistible, powerful, and relevant. Definitely recommended.”
– Big Takeover Magazine

Wonderfully eclectic, defying easy categorisation for 30 years. One of those few bands, like PiL or Killing Joke, who have a sound that is constantly evolving but nevertheless remains easily identifiable. ‘Icon’ is a welcome return from Venus Fly Trap and it’s the kind of album that’ll keep rewarding you on repeat listen.”
– Pulse Alternative Magazine

The VFT sound is instantly recognisable, but never falls into the trap of being too repetitive. After the scene-setting instrumental title track that pulses with film dialogue, each of the remaining eight tracks could be pulled off the album and released as a single.”
– Newboots