TRIPLE X SNAXXX have today premiered their new EP titled ‘TRIPLE X SNAXXX Plays MYYYLR DBBBO DGGGR FLYYYBY’. Creating soundscapes in this decade can be more of a lazy than labored effort, but Patrick O’Neill and Alex Maiolo, the minds behind the music that is TRIPLE X SNAXXX, pull it off with ease and emotion. My first thought was ‘How did they pull it off?’, and then I realized they documented the process in their new ‘Press Play’ mini doc (video below). I find this makes the EP even more fascinating in that there is no MIDI or computers. Is that because I am assimilated in the 21st century? Or is it that there are still people who consider the labor of love known as music comes out best when it is still a labor. Hopefully more will find the answer to this. But, until then, we have TRIPLE X SNAXXX.

‘TRIPLE X SNAXXX Plays MYYYLR DBBBO DGGGR FLYYYBY’ is out now via Moroderik Musik.


TRIPLE X SNAXXX mines heavily from ‘70s German Motorik Music, Italo Disco, Early Techno, Electro, and Ciani-inspired soundscapes while avoiding being mired in pastiche.

OK, maybe there is a little pastiche in the equation, but the golden age of synth music is inspiring in that way. All songs are composed without the aid of MIDI or laptops in an effort to fully explore the limitations of classic instruments.

SNAXXX is Patrick O’Neill and Alex Maiolo, who are often joined by various collaborators. The project has performed in the U.S. and Europe, as both headliner and support.