1. (Untitled) LAPP 0:30
  2. Selvacava LAPP 0:30
  3. Goodbye, Josephine LAPP 0:30
  4. Sky On The Roof LAPP 0:30
  5. Io, Armando LAPP 0:30
  6. Correano LAPP 0:30
  7. Tu LAPP 0:30
  8. Mist LAPP 0:30
  9. Wild Leaping LAPP 0:30
  10. Ancora LAPP 0:30
  11. Monte Cassino LAPP 0:30
  12. Angelina LAPP 0:30
  13. Helpless LAPP 0:30
  14. La Giostra LAPP 0:30
  15. Via Margherita LAPP 0:30
  16. Remain LAPP 0:30

LAPP (Luke Papini) has today released his new double Alternative Folk album titled ‘Selvacava’. Named after a village in Italy, ‘Selvacava’ paints a picture of a place you want to live. Grand in scope and majestic in flavor, ‘Selvacava’ is an endearing album from someone with deep roots in the culture of his area as well as those around him. ‘Selvacava’ is a diverse set of songs and soundscapes captured for all time.

About LAPP & ‘Selvacava’

Selvacava is an Alternative Folk double album set in a little village in Central Italy called Selvacava. Luke Papini (aka LAPP) set about creating an album full of big ballads and intimate tales. It touches on adulthood, childhood, loss, dreams and nostalgia, and questions how memories may and can evolve into something different over time.

As the pandemic hit in early 2020, Luke was left with a lot of thoughts and even more time on his hands. Fed up of writing three-minute pop tunes for artists he wanted to experiment on this record, creating something totally free of boundaries and structure.

“I wasn’t going to let other people tell me what direction I should be going with my music. The pandemic stripped me of all my doubts and fears and I felt that, finally, I could do what I wanted to do. And I wanted to create something big different and deeply personal, like an audio photo album of my past.”

Lapp’s interest and influence of visual songwriters from the seventies (Springsteen, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake and many more) is evident across this Album. The seventies as an era didn’t have the synth-led production that dominated the eighties nor did it have the intangible, experimentation of the sixties. It was pure human expression and introspection. Luke has taken this influence and style of songwriting, and combined it with the narratives, quirkiness and structure of modern R&B and Hip Hop to create something totally fresh and exciting.

“I think there’s loads of great music coming out today and in our time but less and less seem to actually want to speak to you on a personal level. With this album I wanted to speak to the listener not only through music but in a story of substance. I want to immerse the listener in this little town, and take them on a musical holiday flingl there minds with the thoughts, music and feel of this life”

Selvacava takes you through a hazy journey through time in the form of memories, dreams, wishes and surrounds the listener in a soundscape that’s varied and ever-changing. Love, death, childhood stories, nature and everything Luke held sacred about growing up fill’s the album. Every year he returns to this town, and everything seems to stay the same. He may grow older and things changed but this town seems to live unaffected by time and it’s that collision of the past and the present that is documented on the album.

LAPP’s style is DIY, infused with Folk, Soul, Rock, Jazz and whatever sound that seems appropriate for that tale of human condition. He says it best himself “I’m a singer-songwriter soul searching for beauty, just a stranger in a dark room writing, producing and making weird noises on a laptop” Formerly the lead man of ‘Wild Rossa And The ’88’, LAPP is now his own one man wolf pack painting with noise and seeing how many fellow weirdo’s he can find along the way who, hopefully, might dig the tunes as well.