Demos Los Divas
Demos Los Divas

”Demons los divas they all taste the same, cold and so heartless, they want the world, and they want it now”

Velvet Six’s long-awaited second studio album ‘Demons Los Divas’ is finally here. ‘Demons Los Divas’ is Velvet Six’s first publication with the reformed line-up. Now the band’s sound is greater than ever, the songs are greater than ever and therefore Velvet Six is greater than ever.

‘Demons Los Divas’ is, in its entirety, a story about demons and divas that affect our everyday life. They crawl deep in to our feelings leaving scars. The damaged feelings have to be confronted and processed, so that life can go on. But how is it done? Answers can be found in the nightlife, love and death, as it comes out on the songs on the album.

‘Demons Los Divas’ contain all the characteristic features of Velvet Six’s music. The music is atmospheric, straightforward arrogant and multi-dimensional. The album’s sound consists mainly of heavy and rocking guitar and bass riffs, powerful and diverse keyboards and eccentric drum arrangements. This all is topped off by emotional and energetic singing.

So grab the opportunity and take yourself on a journey that arouses feelings.

Demons Los Divas will be released April 10th by Finnish label Inverse Records.

Olle Wallenius (vocals)
Richard Vikman (guitar)
Christoffer Solborg (guitar)
Henrik Björkgård (drums)
Miro Kronqvist (keyboard)
Matias Muotio (bass)

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