Voodoo Sex Cult - A Year And A Day
Voodoo Sex Cult

High from atop the desert mountains of Arizona come the five rockers known as the “Voodoo Sex Cult” The Rev, the Preachers Son, The Redneck, The Castilian, and The Survivalist. Five guys that share one common goal, one common passion. To create their own distinct sound of rock and roll, and share it the with the world.

Always ready to play, and lets not forget party, with their balls to the wall attitude, these guys are hard to hold back when they take the stage. With a multitude of musical influences and years of experience they have honed their music to a distinct sound that only they can embrace as their own. Once referred to as a little bit of ” Seattle” with some ” Red Beans and Rice” thrown in, the epitome sleaze rock, they touch on everything from drug addiction and death to partying and bondage.

When asked, some of their fans have described them as a dirty, sexy, smooth, and a naughty bunch of guys that hit like a sledge hammer to the head. So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the journey that is the “Voodoo Sex Cult”.

Voodoo Sex Cult are:
Royce Taghon – Vocals
Tim Hills – Guitar
Peter Avalos – Guitar
Chris Burgess – Bass Guitar
Doyle Meredith – Drums