1. On My Mind The Spitfires 4:35

The Spitfires have released their latest album titled “A Thousand Times” on August 26th, and we give you the pleasure of hearing the latest single off of that album called “On My Mind”. Lush with rich vocals and layered guitars of varying tone, The Spitfires show that they can still deliver just as they had with their previous outing “Response”. The Spitfires also show that they are every bit the songwriters as they are a proper band by taking a simple hook and exploring it in ways that we, as listeners, could most likely not imagine.

To recommend the new music from The Spitfires would be an understatement. I insist!

“A Thousand Times” is out now via Catch 22 Records. Get it HERE.

A Thousand Times
A Thousand Times

About “A Thousand Times”
The album is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut ‘Response’ which saw the band enter high in the UK Album Charts and reach #6 in both the independent and vinyl charts, with their recent single ‘So Long’ charting at #1 in UK Vinyl Singles Chart. Building on the success they’ve managed to establish so far, ‘A Thousand Times’ looks certain to cement their reputation as one of the most vital young bands of their generation.

Their work ethic and powerful songwriting mixed with their acute social commentary and lack of mainstream industry support have made this fiercely independent band one of the most popular underground success stories in the UK today. This DIY attitude and independent spirit has earned them a dedicated following and sold out shows across the whole of the UK and Europe.

Across the 11 tracks on ‘A Thousand Times’ it’s possible to detect a sharper, deeper vision for the band and a more honed songwriting craft than we’ve previously seen. Indeed, first single ‘So Long’ was a taste of things to come, reaching number one in the UK Vinyl chart.

The classic pop theme is carried into the title track and the stunning ‘On My Mind’ with tracks like ‘Day to Day’ and ‘Return To Me’ showing a natural progression in style, whilst the thrilling ‘I Don’t Even Know Myself’ shows influence from dub, reggae, and ska, all hinting at bigger things (and venues) to come.

All songs are written by Billy Sullivan and the album is produced by Tom Pullen at CDS Studios in Chelmsford.

  1. A Thousand Times
  2. Last Goodbye
  3. Day To Day
  4. Open My Eyes
  5. On My Mind
  6. So Long
  7. I Don’t Even Know Myself
  8. The Suburbs (We Can’t Complain)
  9. Return To Me
  10. On My Mind (Reprise)
  11. A Better Life


  • Billy Sullivan – Guitarist, Lead Singer and Songwriter
  • Sam Long – Bassist
  • Matt Johnson – Drummer
  • Chris Chanell – Keyboards