1. Energy Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30
  2. As It Is Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30
  3. Cause Ya Do Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30
  4. World’s Worse Wine Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30
  5. Jack Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30
  6. A Day The Take Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30
  7. Addiction Glenn Hodge Banned 0:30

Glenn Hodge Banned will release his new album titled ‘The Long Run’ this Friday (August 20th). At that first listen, ‘Long Run’ gives the impression of an alt-folk with a tinge of soul, but when you go deeper, you find that Glenn may be one of the last troubadours. He has a keen sense of the music of the past, but he makes that, and more, his own. I would maybe compare him to early Bob Dylan. Not in style but in career milestones. He is at the beginning of his own long run. We get a span of emotions and stories that he lived through each track while being told through the mind and heart of a musical poet.

About Glenn Hodge Banned

It’s difficult to put Glenn Hodge Banned in a box, but we’ll try! He is often compared to the likes of Billy Bragg and Robert Wyatt. In-fact, Billy himself once said that Glenn’s ‘stuff’ is “Really good stuff!”.

You might say he is a folk is a singer, and his songs are often folky, but so too are they soulful and sometimes punky.

His songs draw upon everyday life topics, bringing a degree of candor and sometimes humor. To date, he has released 7 singles and 1 EP and has been featured on BBC Radio including live sets on BBC London and airtime on BBC Scotland.

The Long Run is his first LP and will be available on all digital platforms 20th August 2021.