In this episode of The Week in #Indie we feature an exclusive interview with former The Toadies guitarist Darrel William Herbert about his new album. We also feature premieres from Last Days of Jude, From Venus, The Mojo Slide, Anton Barbeau, KnightressM1, Babybird, Karolina Rose, and South of Eden.

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About Last Days of Jude

Last Days of Jude, a.k.a. Fre Pacheco, has dropped his new video for the track titled ‘Misery’. There are lessons in the lyrics. Lessons to be listened to and heeded. As the song suggests, we are in a time of change and the truth is not only more evident and important but multi-faceted. And ‘Misery captures that in a crystal clear photograph.

To take such a valiant message and place that into a vibrant video for a song so infectious is brilliant not only as a musician but as someone who is keenly aware of the power of music. ‘Misery’ is a manifesto telling us to wake up and. more importantly, to learn. Too often we go through life with our beliefs being fed to us and the truth being filtered through our beliefs. Listen, learn, live, love, and evolve is the evolution that leads to revolution. Let the Last Days of Jude be a lesson to find the first days for our collective and individual awareness.


About Darrel William Herbert

Having his global beginnings with the band The Toadies and continuing that career with Tomorrowpeople, Darrel has also emersed himself in many other aspects of the music world including editing, songwriting, and scoring. Chances are you have heard his work even if you’re not a music listener.

And now we have an in-depth interview with Darrel about his beginnings, his gear, his adjustment to the lockdown and, most importantly, his debut solo album titled ‘An Unwelcome Moment of Clarity’, out October 9th as well as his new video, out today, titled ‘If you Still Believe’.

Unsigned artists around the world; heads up. This is how you diversify in the music industry and gain street cred. Just take a look and listen to this taster of things to come with this new video and song. Darrel is a true songwriter with a penchant for tone and respect for music as an art.


About From Venus

From Venus has released the new single titled ‘Unconditional’. From Venus is a unique project from Abi Crista D’Arcy. And Abi has that unique ability to combine varied instruments and come up with an original track that shines of her personality and has just enough quirkiness to be endearing.

Out August 28, ‘Unconditional’ is a simplistic arrangement comprising of From Venus’ signature vocals together with ukulele, soft synths, and electronic beats. Sonically squeezing your soul to let you know that everything’s going to be alright, the song is a message of love to lift your heart.


About The Mojo Slide

The Mojo Slide has released their new single titled ‘Not In My Name’.  Groove infected from the start and hook-laden throughout, The Mojo Slide show that the steady groove is the way to go with their latest single.

Guitar-driven and rhythm steered, ‘Not In My Name’ has that perfect chord construction that steers clear from the inside of the box musically and has a specific rhythm and definition lyrically that adds to the punctuation of the track itself.


About Anton Barbeau

Anton Barbeau releases his new single and video titled ‘Manbird’. A vivid combination of sight and sound, Anton proves once again that his talent for combining the mediums is equaled only by his songwriting and production skills.

Anton has always had a penchant for constructing originality but with ‘Manbird’ he effortlessly melds that with his uniquely original voice and captures that magic in a perfect little bottle.

The ‘Manbird’ single is out now and can be obtained across online platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. On September 18, the ‘Manbird’ LP will be released on CD and digitally. For song-by-song notes, video, behind the scenes information and more, click HERE.


About KnightressM1

KnightressM1 has just released her new video for the track titled ‘Lock and Key’. the addition as a violin as a frontal instrument is captivating enough. If gives the song a whole new set of tonality and range that would not be there if a guitar or keyboard handled those melodic duties. however, that adds much flavor to an already flavorful track that the video really does a symphonic justice to.

But what KnightressM1 delivers is a complete and full track with a visual aid that adds a new and original cinematic flare that otherwise would not be there had this been another artist.

As of August 17, ‘Lock & Key’ will be available across digital outlets such as Apple Music and streaming platforms such as SpotifyThe full ‘Dreams and Devastation’ LP is slated for release on September 25.


About Babybird

Babybird is set to drop his upcoming album titled ‘King of Nothing’ on September 22. Stephen Jones, a.k.a. Babybird, is a person who has lived and learned many times over. And some of those loves, lives, and lessons learned each get a chapter in this new album.

With his wonderfully weathered vocals and varied styles of music, Babybird tells vivid tales set to scores in such a way as to give the album itself a set of personalities that one can’t help but to want to get to know him.


About Karolina Rose

Karolina Rose today premieres her new EP titled ‘Rosemary’ right here on Jammerzine. From the first track, ‘Greytopia’, you get that sense of not only accomplishment but an enthusiasm for the music by the artist herself. This is very important, in my opinion, because that accomplishment and enthusiasm translate into stellar music by an accomplished artist that loves music herself. Karolina is as much a music fan as she is a musician and it shows in every track.

You can also say that each song has not only its own personality but its own set of unique hooks that set each track apart while keeping them together as a collective. Together in sound and individual in scope and breadth makes ‘Rosemary’ an EP you wish was an album.


About South of Eden

South of Eden officially releases their new EP titled ‘The Talk’. Featuring the first single and video titled ‘Dancing With Fire’, South of Eden proves they live just north of Hell with the level of raucous rock and volume venom with a set of fist raising anthems that will leave you with that feeling that self isolation is just a state of mind and you’ve been at the party the entire time this EP has been playing.

Taking a nod from the guitar gods and forwarding that salute to the audience, the adrenaline feels like an old friend you haven’t seen in five months and you want to stay a while. In the meantime, let South of Eden take your stage.


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