In this episode of The Week in #Indie we feature exclusive interviews with one of hip hop’s most notable artists, Sa-Roc, as well as one of the legends of the alternative scene, Wayne Hussey of The Mission, and the guitarist with The Sisters of Mercy, about his new charity project ReMission International and their new single ‘TOS2020’.

Also is an exclusive interview with Chicago based Microcosms well as premieres from Jessica Faroe, Attic Theory, Hunter Porter, Keep Shelly in Athens, Starwolf, and A Shoreline Dream.

You can also watch the full episode HERE.

About Sa-Roc

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with rap pioneer Sa-Roc. This, to me, is one of those interviews that is a privilege to be a part of for the simple fact that talking with Sa-Roc becomes one of those situations where you walk away all the better because you learn something. For one, you learn that becoming famous, much less good doing what you want to do is more than just realizing the dream, its hard work and commitment.

Sa-Roc is the epitome of that and more. She took a vision and learned all of the logistics necessary to achieve and sustain that vision and she did that while finding her own voice. We learn that and more in this interview.

We also learn about her new upcoming album titled ‘The Sharecropper’s Daughter’, which releases on October 2nd. The album is 15 tracks of insight documenting renaissance, revolution, and revelation. We are living in the perfect age for this album.


About Wayne Hussey & ReMission International

We have an exclusive interview with ReMission International founder Wayne Hussey (The Mission, Sisters of Mercy) about the new multi-charity single and video called TOS2020 (Tower of Strength 2020). Began on the foundation on The Mission’s 1988 song of the same name from the album ‘Children’, we get a new take for a new time with a literal army of artists (list below).

In this interview, we hear from Wayne about the beginnings of the TOS2020 project as well as the inner workings and how the charities were selected and how each artist not only left their mark but a piece of their heart by not only helping but helping to direct the charity as a project and giving these valued charities a much-needed spotlight and more with their names and their hearts.

The song in every form of its glories is out now with the purchase links below.

Full artist video
Stream and order TOS2020
UK physical orders
USA physical orders

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About Microcosms

With the addition of Ronn Richardson on guitar, the sound is filled and full. And we get that in a glorious fashion in the new single ‘Better Together’ (player above). The sound is found, as is said in the interview. ‘Better Together’ will be, in my opinion, the song that could, or should, break the barriers to the masses for Microcosms.

We get an in-depth look at this new addition with an interview with both Ronn and front-man Andrew Tschiltsch about this evolution of revolution that Microcosms is in the midst of taking as well as the new music and what the future holds for the band as a whole in this world of quarantine.

‘For me its been cool because I haven’t really played with that many musicians in my life. I started Microcosms and that’s really been the only band I’ve ever been in. So, for me, it was great to get these ideas because Ronn can play bass, play keys, and more so we don’t have this issue on who should play what.’
– Andrew Tschiltsch

‘There is no ego for me in this band or any project I’ve done with Andrew. In my opinion, it’s more about friendship and fun.’
– Ronn Richardson


About Jessica Faroe

Jessica Faroe releases her new single titled ‘Beautiful’ today. In the age of the lockdown and with the world being in the state that it is, ‘Beautiful’ is a track that speaks the truth with feeling and sends it to the masses with earnesty.

Musically, ‘Beautiful’ is a somber yet uplifting track with Jessica’s angelic yet wise vocals with a solid hook and that certain something that compels a second listen.

Emotionally and spiritually, however, what we get is the self realization that we are all beautiful in our own unique and special way from someone who has been there and has ‘taken the red pill’. People can be cruel. But what we almost never realize is that they put us down to build themselves up. The danger comes when we take those words and let them define ourselves. I am one of those she says have ‘suffered silently’. And what I learned years ago is that, while I can never be the best, I can be the best I can be. I also learned that when someone puts you down they are really saying more about themselves than they are of you. Be beautiful.


About Attic Theory

Attic Theory has just released their new video titled ‘Your Light’. A somber rock track from the start with heavy hooks and an old school persona throughout, the track really kicks in for the chorus and drives the message home in ways that bring rock back to the forefront at the start of a new decade, and about f*cking time.

In this new age of isolated angst, what better way to kick out the jams and let out the feels but with a true rock track. This is lightning in a bottle and that bottle just got smashed.


About Hunter Porter

Hunter Porter premieres his new lyric video for the track titled ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ right here on Jammerzine. This track is one of those quietly beautiful songs that creep up on you until the chorus when it brazenly announces its presence. I love that about this song. That sonic duality that is as seamless as it is timeless. That slow build to the crescendo done in such an impactful way like a book you can’t put down. It makes you wish the song was longer yet that too makes sense in the construction of the song. Some things were meant for the moment.


About Keep Shelly in Athens

Keep Shelly in Athens has released their video for the track titled ‘Neon Glare’ from their upcoming album ‘Defy Me’ out on November 12.

With hints of Bowie, M83, and many other ethereal artists in their own piece of the stratosphere, Keep Shelly in Athens gives but a glimpse of things to come with a preview of their own lucid dreamscape that is as beautiful as it is dark and broading.

This is originality at its deepest.


About Starwolf

Starwolf have dropped their new video for the track titled ‘Bad Feeling’. Combining a monster smooth groove with that subtle grit and sly wit, Starwolf gives a quasi electro dance rock in a track that’s hard to pin stylistically put stays faced down and secured to your ears. This is how music should be in the ’20s.


About A Shoreline Dream

A Shoreline Dream has finally premiered their new album titled ‘Melting’. I will begin by saying this: About f*cking time! Yes, that’s right. I have said time and time again the praises I have towards this duo’s music and how ‘outside of the box’ it really is. And, with ‘Melting’, we get ten more examples of this.

Ryan and Erik have this non-spoken symbiotic connection musically, I think. You can hear it in the almost symphonic layering of the guitars or slightly weathered and angelic vocals but it’s there. And it’s original. And it’s for us all.

As of August 21, the ‘Melting’ LP is available everywhere digitally, including Spotify. It can also be obtained on CD or digitally directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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