Exclusive interviews with Colin Moulding of XTC and Kristin Hersh as well as premieres fro Small Town Titans, Nova Flares, On The Wane, and Rum Thief.

Show segments

  • Jammerzine Exclusives (exclusive content)
    • Colin Moulding (XTC, TC&I)
    • Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FootWave)
  • First Look (video premieres)
    • Nova Flares – Gut Splinter
    • Small Town Titans – Dragonfly
    • State of Illusion – Blind
  • First Listen (song premieres)
    • Rum Thief – Surmise
    • Fuzz – Time After Time
    • Momma’s Boy – Want Me Back
  • The Test Drive (early album previews)
    • On The Wane – Schism
    • Japan Suicide – Santa Sangre