Udoka Malachi has released his new album titled ‘Palace Lumumba’. Recorded after a hiatus and with a fresh outlook on life, love, and genre hopping influences, Udoka takes said influences and makes a hip “pop’ soul opus with RnB, jazz, and bits of rock underlying the lyrics of someone whose lived those lyrics and not merely mirrored life and took what they thought would be cool.

Palace Lumumba’ is an audio storybook filled with lessons learned and life lived all within a vivid soundtrack meant for the masses.

About Udoka Malachi & ‘Palace Lumumba’

‘Palace Lumumba’ was recorded in May of 2020, after Udoka’s 9-year hiatus from music in pursuit of his law degree. The album was recorded between his Bronx, NY apartment and his AirBnB in ​​Grenada. Udoka escaped to the small Caribbean nation to complete the recording of the album.

Raised in Seattle, WA, Udoka began his journey into music during his teenage years when he was producing records for local acts. His production resume continued to grow as he converted his Seattle University dorm room into a production hub that served as the center of his operation. Like many artists, Udoka eventually found himself at crossroads and chose to pursue a law degree in 2012 which commenced what would become a nine-year hiatus from music production. Remaining true to himself, Udoka found a way to reinvent the way in which he approached music by learning guitar through free lessons on YouTube.

As the COVID19 pandemic brought the world to a sudden halt in 2020, Udoka found himself struggling with ways to engage with the world outside of his Bronx apartment windows. Udoka began writing the first songs on what would become his debut effort, Palace Lumumba in May of 2020.

Udoka Malachi released his self-produced debut single, “Purple Sky Sunday,” on September 20, 2020. “Purple Sky Sunday” was followed by the release of “Escape Artist” on April 1, 2021. All tracks on Palace Lumumba were written, arranged, and produced by Udoka himself.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Udoka now works as a non-profit community attorney serving NYC’s underrepresented population in workers’ rights disputes.

Featured image by Claudio De La Rosa.