After hearing such indie anthems as ‘Den Of Sables‘ and ‘Estranged‘, I originally thought “Where can they take it from here?” Thankfully, Dyr Faser have answered that question with their ne EP titled ‘Hauntingly Beyond’. This band is hard to pin to a genre and even harder to nail to a style, but Dyr Faser have a consistency that many bands lack in some way, shape, or form nowadays that is nestled deep and secure within their original minds. Bravo!

DYR FASER 'Hauntingly Beyond' ep art
DYR FASER ‘Hauntingly Beyond’ ep art

About Dyer Faser
Dyr Faser began as a solo project but soon multi-instrumentalist & longtime Boston music veteran Eric Boomhower was joined by indie rock icon Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull, Thalia Zedek Band). After many recordings, buzz-worthy shows and a successful tour they were joined by Kate Murray on synth and again headed out on another tour in the US and Canada.

Schedules for the trio became hard to maintain so Eric teamed with Amelia May & began touring the US & Europe as a duo. The music has been described as entrancing, hypnotic, dreamy, krauty, and meditative. Band comparisons have been made to Angelo Badalamente, Suicide, Depeche Mode, Durutti Column, & Pink Floyd.

Eric Boomhower – vocals, guitar, synth, Casio
Amelia May – vocals, guitar

Past members:
Thalia Zedek – guitar, slide, backing vocals
Katherine Murray – synth

Home base: Boston MA