Sebastian Straw really shows his mastery at songwriting with his new album titled ‘Welcome Yesterday’, out today via Seahorse Recordings. The album is epic in scope, to say the least. And I say that in a good way because we need more serious music in the world. What that means is that music that takes itself seriously. And ‘Welcome Yesterday’ takes itself very seriously with brilliant hooks and catchy chord progressions from a songwriter who must spen loads of time perfecting each note for maximum impact. And that impact hits hard in the feels and keeps the listener motivated to listen to more as not every one of those changes comes as expected in this no filler contribution to the #indie music scene.

About Sebastian Straw

Sebastian has always been an atypical frontman, with a calm but brazen attitude on stage. Shadowy and shy, in life as in music, inseparable from his Jazzmaster and his acoustic guitar, he writes his music in the intimacy of the night hours. When the city sleeps, the mix of the most beautiful and ugliest thoughts becomes perfect.

Well known on the local music scene, having played for a long time in a local band, Sebastian Straw is branching out on a solo trajectory. In his music, he draws strength by channeling anger, disappointment and suffering into goodness through his music. Lost friends, disappointments, people who lacked faith in him – oddly enough, the worst experiences bring out the best in him, contributing positively to his growth as a man and an artist.

From an early age, Sebastian has had to overcome obstacles on his musical path. Taking up piano at age 8, he soon learned that making mistakes brought negative repercussions, so eventually pursued other instruments, like drums and guitars in parallel. In his teens, he fronted various local bands. From 20 he worked and studied in Rome and Florence while dabbling in music, leading to his 2003 victory as ‘Best Voice’ in the “I Have a Dream” music competition. A healthcare specialist with an agenda divided between hospital work and other activities, recent personal problems propelled him to resume his musical career, more determined than ever before.

“The lyrics on this album are autobiographical but anybody can read a few their own lives in them. We all – at least once – have fallen and got up on our feet again. Somehow we have found the strength to face our biggest problems without running away by seeking shelter somewhere we feel safe, still facing reality, proud of who we are today and how we arrived here. It was hard but if I look back I still manage to smile. This is where my album ‘Welcome Yesterday’ comes from,” says Sebastian Straw.