1. Dance Lovanna 3:28

Singer-songwriter Lovana is raised in the beautiful countryside of Finland, close to the water and nature and she has been singing ever since her childhood, making up her own versions of existing songs as a child. She studied music at the University of Umeå and singing at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. In 2005 she started writing her own music and her first EP was released in 2015, “Collide”.

During 2012-2016 she worked as a showartist in Spain and it was after the last season(2017) that she released her first singel “8 Hours”, followed by “I Don´t Want To See You Anymore” and “Reach Out” on Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, Itunes..

In 2018 Crossing Skies came out, a rockpop song about exploring the world and going for your dreams.

In 2019 “Don´t Hold Me Down” and “10 Steps Backwards” was released and Lovana and her band made some live gigs in Sweden and Finland.

2020 was a year with heartfelt songs like Mommos Sång, A Love Like Ours and Its Christmas Time.

Her newest release was Brave in January 2021, a catchy pop song about getting out of a toxic relationship and believing in yourself!

Her music touches subjects like love, life, family, work and dreams, and she loves to make a story that the listener can follow. Influenced by pop, rock, jazz, indie and beats the music doesn´t have one genre, but blends many different genres, from the minimalistic “8 Hours” to the full poprock “Crossing Skies” and the loungy “Small Steps”.

On the 20th of May she released the new song “Dance” which is a co-work with songwriter Marko Tomasovic and producer Aleksandar Valencic.

SOURCE: Official Bio