99362-Hors_D'Oeuvres_Cover_Art“Tone Atlas” Born in Syracuse, New York on June 14 ,1986. Tone’s interest in performing began at an early age as he spent time mastering the moves and songs of the great artists that he admired. Before his teenage years, he would listen to music that transcended his age such as soul music like Willie Hutch, The Temptations and JamesBrown to the greats of the now “golden era” of hip-hop, The Notorious B.I.G, A Tribe Called Quest, The Wu-Tang Clan and Nas. These plus many more artists and genres would later become the areas of influence that would craft his style.

With all the makings of the beats, lyrics and content of an east coast MC in his heyday, Tone plans to make a statement with the release of his upcoming project,“ Hors D’Oeuvres”

SOURCE: Official Bio