Exclusive interviews with Information Society and Broken Robots. Plus, premieres and new music from Ragsy, Sleeveens, Space Summit, Art Mulcahy, Boyracer, Realma, Serj Tankian, Youthstar & Miscellaneous, and Rumble.

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About Information Society

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the absolute legends of synth-pop, electronic, MTV Generation, and, above all, original music, in the form of Information Society. Today we talk to Paul Robb, co-founder of INSOC, and their new album titled ‘ODDFellows’. What makes ODDFellows special is, and you will get the information about this in the interview, that this is a spatial collaboration with THX. Yes, that THX. The ones that make everything sound cool and rich. This is, in fact, the first collaboration between THX and a musical artist. And this is one of the many reasons INSOC is considered pioneers in the music industry. Not just to be the first, but to be willing to take the risk.

And, in regards to ‘ODDFellows’, we get plenty of risks. As stated in the interview, there are times where this is a different band and there are times where classic INSOC is there at the forefront. And, to be that original after all of these years is what makes them last. Because it’s fun.

‘ODDFellows’ releases on August 6th (Hakatak International (digital); and Negative Gain Records (CD/vinyl); release date: TBA).

Check out our interview with INSOC’s Kurt Harland Larson HERE.


About Broken Robots

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with one of my new favorites in the Chicago scene. I’m talking about Broken Robots.

Broken Robots are a band that, not only has an absolutely stellar and original EP coming out this Friday titled ‘The Escape Artist’, they are a band that is earning their way and putting their life into every song. What I mean by that is their talents as musicians and songwriters count on chronicling their life and experiences. And this comes out in such a beautiful and creative way that their music demands a listen. Not hear. A listen.

In this interview, we talk about some of those experiences and how they have shaped the musicians, and people, that they have become as well as their music has evolved into what it is. A masterpiece.


About Ragsy

Ragsy is releasing his new track titled ‘Safe From harm’ on June 18th. Highlighted by a smooth swagger and road-weary styled vocals, Ragsy gives an earnest performance about the basic needs and wants of having someone you love. Done in a musically subtle, at times, way and with a massive old school hook, the music becomes a stage for the weatherly massive vocal that is Ragsy.


About Sleeveens

Sleeveens is set to drop their new single titled ‘The Draw’ on August 8th. Featuring a musical and orchestral ensemble, the track delves into individual darkness and personal epiphany. Beautiful.


About Space Summit

Space Summit has premiered their new and debut track titled ‘I’m Electric’. A new collaboration resulting from Marty’s ‘The Sessioneer Series‘, between former The Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper and musician Jed Bonniwell, ‘I’m Electric’ takes the musicianship and songwriting of both and turns them into a stellar new beginning. ‘I’m Electric’ is, to me, the perfect intro-single for a new project. Sonically, it’s as varied as it is original creatively, while also being just plain fun to listen to.

Also featuring Dare Mason on keyboards, who also produced, as well as Olivia Willson-Piper on strings, Eddie John on drums, Anekdoten’s Niklas Barker on Mellotron, and Phoebe Tsen on harmony and backing vocals, Space Summit is clearly an album made by a musical family and presented to the world. Listen. Love. Live.

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About Art Mulcahy

Art Mulcahy has released his new video for the track titled ‘Together We Survive’. We need a song like this at this time in our future history. What will people say about this time we live in now. This time of division and isolation? Art uses his music to chronicle and hopefully heal that issue we have at the moment. And he does it with his original style and orchestration. This is a song for everyone.


About Boyracer

Boyracer has premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Spoils’, from their upcoming album titled ‘Assuaged’, releasing next month. Perfect for the summer and rife with post-punk indie sentiment and underground goodness, this track gives me smiles in more ways than one. Having been a lifelong fan of the vintage underground scenes, this reminds me instantly of those glory days of 120 Minutes on MTV with the modern touch and swing of what is called Boyracer.


About Realma

Realma has just released her new animated video for the track titled ‘Wandering’. Almost as if it were made for a Broadway show, ‘Wandering’ gives a cinematic and orchestral world for her angelic vocal to swim in. Add to this a noir-style graphic and visually enticing scope for the song relinquishes the soul and gives your mind a new style. This is art.


About Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian has today released a 24-minute modern classical composition titled Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto on his Serjical Strike Records label along with a self-produced video Serj made utilizing a lot of his own pictures and videos as a visual complement to the epic track.

The multifaceted artist releases Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto on the heels of his critically-acclaimed rock EP, Elasticity, that was released in March of this year via BMG/Alchemy Recordings.


About Youthstar & Miscellaneous

Youthstar and Miscellaneous have teamed up for their new video titled ‘2 Shots No Chaser’. Full of energy and loaded with verbal ammunition, ‘2 Shots No Chaser’ is all hook no filler, and full of a verbal unloading and musical party-mode with a party anthem just in time for a post-COVID summer.


About Rumble

Rumble has released their new album titled ‘Round’ on Chinese Man Records. When we first reviewed the previous single ‘U Can’t Hide’ featuring Blackout Ja, we got a sneak peek at the things to come. In addition to collaborations with Blackout Ja, Rumble also features Too Many T’s, Rhyme Time, Mariama, and more. And, with all that, we hear Rumble in all their glory. That massive mix of EDM, Hip Hop, Dance, and straight-up in-your-face mic malice, ‘Round’ is a solid set of tracks that will stay in your playlist.

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