Alex Wellkers is a songwriter in a true sense of the word. All 5 tracks of his upcoming album, “What” contain everything needed to make a strong song. Good chord progression…check. Hook…check. Melody…check. In a way his music reminds me of the songmaster of the 70s such as Supertram, Elton John (before the 80s), REO Speedwagon and so forth. I have always had a guilty pleasure with those bands and it’s good to see the torch re-lit, in a way. But Alex only hints of these songwriting styles. He is clearly in his on territory. My personal favorite is “Something Right”. This song stands on it’s own in my opinion. The other songs are just as good in their own rights, but to say that this song is my favorite is to prove the point that each of these songs do stand on their own stylistically as well. There is something for everyone in this outing by an accomplished songwriter.

About Alex Wellkers:
The Test Drive: Alex Wellkers - WhatIn 2014 the one-man project Alex Wellkers was founded by himself. He early started spending his time with music. At the age of 6 Alex began playing the accordion. He then changed to harmonica, keyboard, classical guitar before he found his passion in playing Blues music on an electrical guitar. He wrote his first songs at the age of 11. Those were in German.

At the age of 16 he started doing some freestyle Rap music as MC and had a couple of concerts as duet with a bassist on his side. Over time he became more interested in Grunge and Rock music. He wrote many songs in English. This was followed by a phase of life he played the piano. He then decided to record an EP on his own.

An acoustic one without any double tracks. The result was pre, a five track EP. But since he still listens to a lot of different Rock music some drums, basslines, a band was needed. He finally produced see on his own. Straight Rock and Pop music. Just continuing his work as musician led to another EP called what released in 2015. Alex Wellkers records everything himself.