1. Pull the Ribbon Off Mouselion 1:00
  2. Remember When Mouselion 1:00
  3. Skeleton Jack Mouselion 1:00
  4. Try to Pretend Mouselion 1:00
  5. Will U Give Me a Chance Mouselion 1:00
  6. Your Heart is the Sun and Your Scars are the Moon Mouselion 1:00
  7. A Bad Day Mouselion 1:00
  8. Black Tuxedo Night Mouselion 1:00
  9. Buried Treasure Mouselion 1:00
  10. Cut It Deep Mouselion 1:00

You may remember our feature on the Mouselion track for “Eye’s on the Prize”. To say Mouselion has evolved since then would be an understatement. They haven’t just evolved, they’ve matured. Matured into such a cohesive familial unit that this album is more of a metamorphosis than a follow-up. The unique chord progressions and left-of-center melodies really put this band into a class of their own, and that is such a good thing these days. This is the black hat found in the white noise that is the modern music scene. And under that hat is a diamond in the rough.

Almost more of a concept album than anything else, that concept is musical identity. Mouselion have taken their identity and proudly made it totally their own by really focusing on their own stylistic brand and subtle nuances. Bravo!

About Mouselion
With the release of the Mousetracks EP, Mouselion brings an alternative edge to indie rock. Lush with layered guitar sections, addicting melody, and a certain lo-fi aesthetic, the EP creates a certain dream like ambience that sticks throughout the record. Strong pop elemtns like hooks and a fresh mix of electronic and natural instrumentation gives the the songs their own life and songs build and breathe as they play on. Most importantly, the EP never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single “Child’s Play”, is an up beat, indie pop track with a Radiohead, Modest Mouse influence that comes through. Laced with fun rhythms, and guitar lines that hook you in and keep you there, the track reaches an experimental soundscape that proves to be catchy in its own rights.

“I originally wrote Child’s Play about a year ago, which was before I started putting music on bandcamp. The first recording of Child’s Play is relatively elementary compared to the version on Mousetracks, so up until recently it’s always felt like the prologue to mouselion. That’s why reinventing the song after a year of progress and several albums with mouselion has been so rewarding- I can see a tangible difference between then and now. In terms of the actual song, I recently realized that Child’s Play is one of the few songs I’ve written that contains so much childhood nostalgia. To me, something about the song embodies the feeling of being young.” explains songwriter Eli Zeltzer of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the EP , to get the full understanding of where Mouselion is coming from, it should be listened to in its entirety. Each song is diverse in its own right, however there is a glue that holds them all together almost like a concept album.

“Mousetracks certainly marks a major change in my evolution as a musician. Coming from a background of solely listening to Classic Rock, my standards for music used to be relatively strict. I think my recent exploration of jazz and electronic music has helped to sort of break down those barriers. I’m now able to see music as a collection of textured sounds as opposed to the standard view of music as requiring defined melody, rhythm, and harmony.” says Eli about the EP and evolution in his songwriting process.

Mouselion is primarily the work of Eli Zeltzer himself. Having written, produced, and recorded the Mousetracks EP, he realized his passion for song writing outside of live performances with bands. Being able to input life experience and creating a song on his own from front to back is something that helped him complete the EP.

As Eli puts it himself, “As someone creating music I’ve always sought to utilize it as a form of self-preservation and exploration. I end up learning a lot about myself in the process of exploring sounds and song structure. But perhaps more important is my desire to make music that’s relatable. In my personal life I value my connection with others above all else. I genuinely believe that humans seek out relationships because they provide a type of comfort that’s otherwise inaccessible. For me, music has been a direct link to other people’s thoughts and emotions, and that connection is invaluable. Above all else, I want people to feel comfortable listening to my music, not because it’s calming or peaceful, but because it makes them feel human.”

SOURCE: Official Bio