Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala are an Americana/Indie UK sseven-pieceband hailing from the Naples of the North, Morecambe, Lancashire.

The Crow Mandala is headed up by Philip James Turner as you might have guessed, and was initially conceived as a one-off project to be included in the programme for Morecambe’s Vintage by The Sea Festival in 2014. Alas, like all narcissistic musician types the band decided it was too good to discard, and so on it went.


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Assembled are a mix of childhood friends & blaggards drafted in from past projects, or borrowed from others, those being :

Philip James Turner : Vocals & Guitar
Matt Troughton : Guitar
Adam Lucas : Drums
Charlie Burns : Bass
Graham Simpson : Keys
Anthony Gregson : Bass
Mark McCorriston : Trumpet & Vocals

Two bass players, yes.

The debut album ‘Bright Lights’ was recorded in the spring of 2017 at Papillon Studios in Lancaster, produced by Louis Davy. The band has been performing the album at venues and festivals across the North West over the Summer with a variety of features, interviews, and sessions on BBC Radio Lancashire and various others.

Bright Lights will be available from all the usual digital media outlets and will be released on December 8th.