Julian Lamadrid has released his new album titled ‘Rebels of The Neon God’. Right from the start I get this feeling that this is an urban/pop/rock/hybrid concept album, which is a bold move in and of itself, but this is done with class, style, and brash. The Neon God has conviction. A fire in the soul that loves music and loves expression. Julian is an artist that knows what he wants to achieve and, despite what this world is becoming, is achieving it. And doing that on his own terms. Now listen to this album after reading this.

To compliment the album, Julian launched the ‘Rebel Universe,’ a virtual world inspired by the album. Fans can immerse themselves in the world of the Neon God and unlock different rooms by purchasing limited edition NFT keys. Enter the ‘Rebel Universe’ HERE.

About Julian Lamadrid

Julian Lamadrid is a Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker. Raised in Dubai, Julian rebelled against the city’s luxury and excess; instead, he drew inspiration from artists unafraid to breakdown barriers, like Iggy Pop and Freddie Mercury, and films that explored the stylistic lifestyle he was never exposed to. Following his desire to be surrounded by a more vibrant culture, Julian moved to New York to study film at NYU. In addition to his studies, Julian continued to write and produce music in his spare time and landed a record deal with Arista Records in 2019. His first album, Mala Noche, was released later the same year.

Since beginning his musical journey, Julian has been praised by notable tastemakers like V, Wonderland, CLASH, Flaunt, L’Officiel, Billboard and more. He brings a refreshingly global perspective to his craft, culminating in an infectious blend of new wave, bedroom-pop and British rock. In the process of producing and writing his first full-length record, Julian found himself even more inspired to create an audible pathway towards the future of pop music, resulting in the creation of his sophomore album, Rebels of the Neon God.

About ‘ Rebels of the Neon God’

Rebels of The Neon God serves as the follow up to Julian’s 2019 debut, Mala Noche. Featuring past singles like “Teenager,” “One More Trip,” “Cigarette,” “Patience” and “The Neon God,” the 12-track record is a masterfully executed record unbound by genre or expectations. “The album is centered around the dichotomy between frustration and dance, vacancy and ecstasy; enlightenment through pain,” says Julian. “I have glimpsed into the eyes of The Neon God, pierced through the void and come out the other end, desperate for connection, hungry for the eternal.”